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"Your degree is the result of your passion"
  • By Lee Yun-kyeong,cub-reporter
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On Friday, Feb 17th, the graduation ceremony was held in the general education hall auditorium.

This ceremony was for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral courses. There were 1,921 bachelor's, 185 master’s, and 29 doctoral students who received their degrees. Graduates with excellent grades were also awarded the Chancellor’s Award and the Outside Organization Chief’s Award.

By this ceremony, CWNU has produced 47,731 bachelor’s, 9,382 master’s, and 899 doctors.

Choi Hae-bum, principle of CWNU who granted a degree to graduated students said, “Today, your degree is the result of your passion, effort and sweat and the symbol of your will to walk out into the world. Also, the time of studying and practicing in CWNU was not lost in vain and the asset in your body and mind will shine in the society.”

“Our history has always been in the change, innovation and without stopping for a second. It is also true for graduates, and everyone has grown well in CWNU. If you don’t be afraid of the future, be open to change and try to learn new knowledge, you will be a leader.”

Meanwhile, graduates said, “We want to still be students, so we’re lighthearted but sorry to leave school.” Also graduates leave enrolled students with this advice: Kim Jin-sol, a student said, “You can achieve it if you set a goal and progress for it. It is better to set a goal in the junior class. If you don’t have your dream, don’t be frustrated. Try to do various activities, do your best on your work and you can find something you want to do.”

The 2016 Graduation Ceremony

By Lee Yun-kyeong,cub-reporter  poik9874@navaer.com

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