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The Harry Potter Stories
  • By Lee Yun-kyeong,cub reporter
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Background of Voldemort

Tom Marvolo Riddle

The background of Voldemort came out in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. But, unfortunately, stories about who his parents are and why he grew up in an orphanage were omitted.

Voldemort’s mother was a direct descendant of ‘Salazar Slytherin’ in Merope Gaunt’s family, which is of extremely pure blood. They had preserved their pure blood by incest, but there were side effects. Since Merope’s generation, the family had disabilities and mental disease. Also, they can speak the language of snakes.

They lived out of the way in a village. Merope loved Tom Riddle who was the son of local landowner in vain. But Tom hated Merope because of her ugly face and loved other women.

Then one day, Merope’s brother found her in love with a muggle, he cursed Tom. So he was put in Azkaban. His father also cursed the staff of the Ministry of Magic and he was put in Azkaban too. Merope who had been treated like a slave was free.

Merope made Tom love her by Amortentia (love potion) and eloped with him.

A year later, she was pregnant with child. She thought, “Time passes and I have his child, he loves me without Amortentia,” so she stopped using it. However, he forsook her.

Merope had it hard with an unborn child. Eventually, she became the mother of a baby boy in an orphanage and she died.

The boy’s name shared her husband’s name, ‘Tom’, plus father’s name ‘Marvolo’, and husband’s surname ‘Riddle’, thus ‘Tom Marvolo Riddle’.

Tom grew up in an orphanage. Tom realized early his ability and abused it. He didn’t feel guilty. So, children and teachers in the orphanage didn’t like him.

When Tom entered school, Dumbledore came to see him. Dumbledore invited Tom to enter Hogwarts. After that, he was assigned to Slytherin House. He won all hearts because he was handsome, smart and friendly.

Tom always had questions about his birth. Tom found Marvolo was a direct descendant and that his mother was a witch.

Tom left to find his mother’s side of the family and he met his maternal uncle. The uncle didn’t know Tom was his nephew and told the boy everything. Then Tom went to his father’s house and killed him, his fraternal grandmother and grandfather. Tom manipulated his uncle’s memory and put a curse on him. He changed his name from Tom Marvolo Riddle to Voldemort.

He didn’t know how to love all his life because he was a being created by false love.

Characters of the dormitory


Origin : Hogwart’s co – founder, Godric Gryffindor

The professor : Prof. McGonagall

Colors : Scarlet and Gold

Symbol : Lion

Characters : Brave, Boldness, Chivalry


Origin : Hogwart’s co – founder, Helga Hufflepuff

The professor : Prof. Pomona Sprout

Colors : Black and Yellow

Symbol : Badger

Characters : Justice, Faithful


Origin : Hogwarts’ co – founder, Rowena Ravenclaw

The professor : Prof. Flitwick

Colors : Blue and Bronze

Symbol : Eagle


Origin : Hogwarts’ co – founder, Salazar Slytherin

The professor : Prof. Snape

Colors : Green and Silver

Symbol : Serpent

Characters : Crafty

If you want to enter Hogwarts, you can visit the website www.pottermore.com. They will show you the dormitory and magic wand for you.

By Lee Yun-kyeong,cub reporter  poik9874@navaer.com

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