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English has been a big part of schooling and careers. No one can escape the effects of English in this age. So how do you usually study English? How can you improve your English skills? I want to introduce Kwon Yubin, Dept. of Business Administration, who placed first place in the last English Writing Contest. I hope her story can help your English get better.

Q. Many students agree that English composition is difficult to do. How did you improve your English writing skills?

A. In fact, when I had been asked for the interview request, I was very worried about what to say. Because I am not a person who is good at English, but I was an ignorant person who really didn’t know how to write. I just had a few writing experiences through the activities of the editorial department in middle and high school. I actually first learned English writing through participating in the English Writing Contest. So I'll talk about how I learned during Contest.

In the English Writing Contest, there is a 1:1 teaching program. This really helped me so much; that was the biggest reason for my first prize. I’ve just tried hard to apply what I’ve learned from tutoring. As soon as I finished every single lesson, I went to the library to organize my essay, and edited my own essay based on what the teacher said. This routine was repeated for about three weeks and I had accumulated a lot of skills from this. Actually, my first essay was really a mess. I think that learning from participating in this contest will be beneficial for life.

Q. The attitude of willing to learn and apply what you learn, is worth knowing. The modest attitude seems to be the learner's basic attitude. I heard that you are taking English conversation lessons as well. I think that you are interested in English and other foreign languages as you learn not only writing, but also speaking. If you have a study routine you learned while studying a foreign language, please let me know.

A. I seriously thought about studying English just a few days ago. I wanted to learn more words, but most of the books on the market are for TOEIC, SAT, etc. rather than just for speaking. I told my professor this problem and he recommended me to listen to a lot of foreign radio programs and interviews. So I'm studying many interviews on Youtube these days.

Q. I cannot help but talk about the English Writing Contest. Please tell me what you wrote about, why you wrote it, and if you have a good experience or episode in preparation for the competition.

A. The topic was presented in the contest. To summarize, it was the pros and cons on whether or not CCTV should be installed in nurseries such as kindergartens (from the perspective of the worker). I was in favor of mandatory CCTV installation. First, it provides evidence that parents can trust their children's safety, and it can immediately stop crime because CCTV is constantly monitoring. Lastly, workers also feel safe from crime. I was really excited to hear the topic because my relatives run a kindergarten, so I've been discussing this. So I would have done it more easily than other participants.

Q. I know that your major is Management. Do you have any goals or dreams you would like to achieve in the future?

A. My dream job is to be a buyer. I am interested in trade nowadays. I am interested in foreign languages and have a great interest in experiencing foreign cultures.

Q. Please say something to the readers.

A. There are many programs that our school offers. Besides, you do not have to pay the entry fee, and most of the payment is paid back. Get a lot of opportunities like this! I hope you do! I usually take a look at a lot of announcements. There are variety of programs, not only for learning but also for career and employment, so enjoy the privilege of Changwon National University, students! And I would like to thank Jonathan and Daniel for their guidance!

Sarah Park  96sarahpark@naver.com

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