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Park’s resignation, 8.8 in 10 agree…
  • By Lee Yun-kyeong,cub-reporter
  • 승인 2016.11.20 11:01
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Recently throughout the country, ‘Park Geun-hye – Choi Soon-sil gate’ is an issue, not only at universities with professors and lawyers but also Koreans all over are making a declaration of the situation and are protesting for the president’s resignation. Therefore The Campus Journal looked into what students of CWNU think about Ms. Park’s resignation with a survey. The survey was taken by 100 students at CWNU from Nov. 8th to 11th.

According to the survey results, 83 percent of the respondents said they knew a deal about ‘Park Geun-hye – Choi Soon-sil gate’ and 17 percent of the respondents said they didn’t know about it. Also, 88 percent of the respondents said they desired Ms. Park’s resignation, while 7 percent of them opposed it and 5 percent said they had no idea.

Many students had a good grasp of the event and demanded the president to step down. Students who agree with her resignation said, “President Park deceived democracy and made state affairs confused,” and “she lost qualities as president. In the democratic state, we can’t imagine a shadowy ruler,” and “in the democratic state, we don’t need a president who doesn’t know the meaning of democracy anymore.” Meanwhile, students who opposed her resignation said, “In an internationally chaotic situation, there is anxiety in having a nonexistent president,” and “she has many problems but we can’t trust the prime minister.”

We asked, “If the president steps down, how would you conduct state affairs?” Students said, “Let’s advance the presidential election,” “a national government,” and “The Prime Minister conducts state affairs but we can’t trust him.”

We asked students opposing resignation, “How does President Park hold responsibility for this situation?” Students said, “She is revealing the whole story” and “she accepts the prosecution and has made a polite apology.”

Meanwhile, how should we view the situation, what can we do? Professor Ha Sang-sic (Dept. International Relations) said, “This state is in a crisis of democracy. The thing that students focus on is a country that belongs to the people; I am one of the people. And when you think this is wrong, you can say it’s not. Think and act. It is the thing that students can and must do.”

By Lee Yun-kyeong, cub reporter

By Lee Yun-kyeong,cub-reporter  poik9874@navaer.com

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