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The age of MarvelThe marvel films chronicle

Marvel Studios is a subsidiary company of Marvel Comics. This studio makes movies based on stories from Marvel comics.

The settings and sequences from the comic books’ stories are also applied in the movies.

Marvel Studios appeared in 2008 with their first Avengers series movie, Ironman. This movie succeeded to draw 4.3 million people in the audience. In the movie, a super-rich man with an awesome metal suit is flying over the world and fighting with villains. Suits in the movie are powerful and awesome enough to make both children and adults sit on the edge of their chairs. Also, Robert Downey Jr., who plays Tony Stark in the movie, and the character himself are a perfect match. Thanks to these reasons, Ironman is the most beloved character in the Avengers corps.

The Incredible Hulk, also on screens in 2008 had about a million people who watched it. In the movie, a scientist is exposed to radiation accidentally. The radiation transformed cells in his body. Because of this event, the scientist transforms into a green, uncontrollable monster whenever he gets mad.

In 2011, Thor, the god of thunder was on screens. Thor is a god in Asgard, but he has a brother, Loki who is actually a villain. Thor has a superpower to control lightning and weather. This movie achieved 1.6 million viewers.

In the same year, Captain America, First Avenger was released to the public. Captain America was originally Steve Rogers, a weak soldier. The American government processed a project that makes super soldiers, and Steve was chosen for the project. After an experiment, he got a firm body and super strength. Captain America engaged in the Second World War and saved many fellow soldiers from danger. But, he fell in the south pole accidentally, he had been frozen for 70 years. For that reason, his personality is very conservative, but he shows the capacity to lead the Avengers team.

Finally in 2012, a combination of heroes listed above appeared in a movie together. As if movies before this one were just introductions for this movie, Avengers showed huge scale success. It is a very exciting thing that superheroes are coming on the scene and interacting with each other. The Avengers corps fight against invasions of aliens, showing awesome teamwork. Heroes act like normal people, like pranking each other showing not only heroic aspects, but the movie also made audiences feel the humanness of the Avengers.

In 2014, a sequel of Avengers, Age of Ultron came out. Tony Stark tried to do the Ultron project to prevent the case like alien invasions through opposition of other Avengers members. However, artificial intelligence judged that human beings are the real threat of the human race and decided to clean up humans from the earth. Two heroes using telekinesis and Vibranium made heros join Avengers corps. This movie was loved by Koreans because some parts in the movie took place in Gangnam, Seoul. Superpowers used in fights in the middle of Seoul was so awesome. This movie was very successful because it achieved over 10 million viewers.

This year, Ant Man and Captain America: Civil War were screened. Ant man didn’t draw such audiences, but Captain America was well-rated. This movie contains a division of teams. I think this movie showed the dilemma of heroes very well.

Heroes are praised for their bravery, though superheroes make other victims. Of course it isn’t intentional, but the casualties are often the result. To solve this problem, Ironman’s side argues that heroes should be under control of government, and the Captain’s side took opposite actions. The Avengers team divided into two sides and fought each other for their ideologies.

Marvel movies will present more heroic characters. Thanks to huge fans of Marvel, they have powerful thrusts to keep going.

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