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Age of Marvel Republic
  • Park hyeon-jong&Lee Hun
  • 승인 2016.11.17 22:45
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The secret of Marvel’s box office

1. Scramble - mix
There are over 15,000 kinds of Marvel comics, but there is one principle going through them. A plurality of superheroes appear in a different cartoon in a mixed manner. Stan Lee, the original author of Marvel Comics, has composed the storyline so that Marvel characters can live in space and navigate through nine worlds. Superheroes are active in the world where they always live. However, when fighting the enemies that threaten the universe, they have a circulation structure that gathers at the conference and defeats enemies and returns to their own world. The Marvel Story Official was transplanted the same way in the movie.

2. Transform - transform it.
When Marvel comics are made into a movie, it is an important principle to simply replace complex manga text. Boldly discarding the information that is excessive, selecting only the necessary story and recombining it. In fact Marvel comics are very confusing to make into a movie because of too much information. It is because there are about 600 tall comic books. So, they have to concentrate on introducing characters to people who have never heard of them. I find only the part that best introduced 600 cartoon characters, and that is what I use.

3. Reality - a story of a realistic hero
Superman and Batman are "perfect heroes" that will not collapse even with some difficulties. However, Marvel's character are the opposite. It's full of normal faults. The key of the 160 cm tall man who was enlisted in the army, but refused (Captain America), studying hard, spider man with fear of women (Spiderman), alcoholic, and playboy millionaire (Ironman). Human, if so, everyone has a disadvantage of what form, if they want to overcome it properly, Marvell has transferred such human instincts like desire into the letter as appropriate. Marvell's core formula to create characters is "to create defects in characters until they get tired." It is a drawback of the character that crowds get excited. When a character with that disadvantage fights on the inside and overcomes their drawbacks, they becomes the first superhero.

4. Yourself - Check identity
As you can see in Marvel's history, they have shown us the same figure while creating 14 pieces from the earliest works to the recent Doctor Strange. If another company can learn from Marvel, it is not afraid to extend the definition of the brand, it has absolutely no fear of taking up new risks with a certain confidence in their own brand saying that they are not afraid to extend the definition of the brand Thing. Rather than making a movie that matches the trends, believe in yourself and make a trend.

5.CG - CG effects are fun to watch
The most frequently mentioned part of the recently released Doctor Strange was gorgeous CG. Rather than statically viewing movies now, it is changing to a dynamically participating era. As a result, even in movie theaters, it is actually that IMAX, 3D, and 4D have been expanded beyond the existing 2D. Especially, in this movie, more CG was included to preserve the oriental mysterious atmosphere, but the CG effect which gorgeous colors and screens bring out is as if the audience blew up in a bowl. It evokes the illusion of falling.

by Lee Hun, cub-reporter

Park hyeon-jong&Lee Hun  20160189@changwon.ac.kr

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