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Anyone can do this job, but not everyone can do it well
  • Kim Eun-hwa, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2016.11.16 20:07
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Anyone can do this job, but not everyone can do it well

What do you want to be in the future? There are many jobs in the world. Above all, have you heard about lots of students wanting to be a public officer? If you want to, then please read this article. The Campus Journal met a public officer, called a dream job from our youth, to tell you some stories.

Q : Hello. Thank you for your time. Tell me a little about yourself, please.

A : Hi. I’m Kim Chang Soo, working in Seongsan district office in Changwon. My job is mainly concerned with dwelling, house and architecture. I have worked for 23 years.

Q : What does a public officer do?

A : School teachers are public educational officers, policemen are police officers, firemen are fire officers and those who works in a provincial office, city hall, district office, like me, are general government officers. We offer to administration service for promoting people’s happiness. We resolve discomforts in their lives and enrich their lives. For example, paving of a roads, regulation of illegal parking, clearing the snow in the winter, etc.

Q : These days, young generation dreams of being a public officer and its popularity is growing day by day. What do you think is the reason is for this trend?

A : Maybe the reason is awareness for this job. It is a job for life, stability and ensures pension. In my case, I did another job for 1 years after college and started to prepare to be a public officer. At the time, public officers were undervalued because in those days, everyone got a job that fits their major. I realized the change of time when I heard that my job became popular to people. I think, like an epidemic, people easily reach this field without much worry because of obsession that other people arrange for this job. I judge an enduring recession that makes lack of opportunity to enter enterprise, so a mentality emerges to be a public officer. In fact, I feel bitter because of this trend. Obviously, there are some who prepare for this job on account of eyes from society or have no goals. They are an important generation which leads this country by advancing in various fields. Public officers just support it. In addition, This job has limits to open your vision. So if you have study for that reason or have another dream, then please get up your nerve and spread your real wings.

Q : Tell us about necessary qualifications to be a public officer and reasons.

A : First, be professional. It is important to know basic knowledge involved in your work and exploit that to provide proper service to citizens. Then we can communicate smoother with them and can help them more quickly. Next is sociality. Lack of sociality means emotional quotient is low. It is a big obstacle in relationships with people because we meet a lot of people and we should talk with them. Last is an ability for problem-solving. Sometimes we meet with a difficulty, but we have to solve things as soon as possible. To solve some problems, we agonize overnight, ask colleagues, search the internet and find existing cases. All things are really essential in real business.

Q. Do you have any comments to young people?

A : First of all, I want to tell something to students who dream of being a public officer. Do you think you will do well after passing the test? It is misjudgement. Especially, general government officers have no limit of academic ability and age. In other words, anyone can do this. However not everybody can do this well. You should have a sense of mission. The person who comes forward in a critical moment is a public officer, contrary to citizens. If you think that you don’t have this attitude, then close your books. I want you to know this job is very serious and you should study more harder with your strong determination. CWNU students, there are some students who took a leave of absence and design their lives. Like this, the arbiter of your life is you. Don’t flinch and look up the sky once in awhile. The great future as the blue sky waits for you and your parents who love you as the big sky supports behind you. Cheer up my sons and daughters.

By Kim Eun-hwa, cub-reporter

Kim Chang Soo in the Seong-san district office in Changwon

Kim Eun-hwa, cub-reporter  qbxlvlrm5226@naver.com

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