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Declaration of the state of affairs at CWNUWhat is the position of professors, students and the student body?
  • By Choi Ga-yun, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2016.11.16 17:41
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CWNU students want Park president’s resignation

Korea’s current democracy is facing a serious crisis. There are some doubts that the shadowy figure, Choi Soon-sil, satisfied her selfish interests with government power and leaked state secrets and major policies were decided by her. After President Park Geun-hye was elected, she didn’t fulfill her election pledges and she didn’t keep her promises. Her communication breakdown leaves much to be desired. Furthermore, people feel disappointed and insulted because there is a group who monopolizes the government and lives well through corruption. For this, people want President Park’s resignation. They express their thoughts by demonstrations and candlelight vigils.

CWNU professors and students also participated in protests. On November 2nd, 65 CWNU professors worried about the current situation distributed their declaration and petition. They also pressed for the president’s retirement.

They warned that Korea’s democracy and constitutionalism faces serious danger. They said, “This is a violation of the constitution and was against the law. It shook representational democracy and the basis of the constitution. This is a disorder of the nation and a destructive act of constitutional order. But the president, the Blue House and major government officials are trying to avoid responsibility and hide the truth even though they are driving Korea into a terrible situation.” They claimed that the president has to apologize and step down in order to overcome this crisis. Also, the National Assembly has to propose and decide on the president impeachment bill and prosecutors have to punish all of the people who have been responsible, including President Park.

CWNU students have also been actively responsive. On November 2nd at 6p.m, there was a candlelight vigil led by Lee Hyun-A (Department of According, 25). About 50 people participated. They said, “We have to show that we can call for Park’s resignation with our own power, not a politician’s,” and “16 and 17-year-old students make declarations of the state of affairs too, when university students do not, it is a failure to perform duty,” and “young people’s political indifferences caused this situation. We have to be concerned in political and social issues,” and they expected young people’s concern for politics and demanded President Park’s resignation. On November 3rd, there was a meeting at the Salimguan newspaper office. They talked about how to make a declaration and which joint behaviors will be good. Choi Ho-Jin (Department of International Relations, 24) who suggested this meeting said, “The current Korean democracy is hitting bottom because of Choi. We have to show our power by declaration and shout for the president’s resignation. I want to talk about joint behavior including declaration and share information with people who don’t know how to do this, who worry about acting alone. So I suggested this meeting. Through the meeting, we ended with 2 conclusions. First, we will prepare a declaration. Also we ask help from the student body and suggest participation. Second, we will start the declaration on the 10th at Bongrimguan. We will modify the declaration though an online survey. We will act continually to express our thoughts and we will not just stand idly by.” He triggered the suggestion of a declaration and mentioned the next movement. CWNU students are expressing their thoughts actively for many kinds of methods.

But the student body has to listen to students’ voices sensitively and some commented on this situation too late. They said, “There are pros and cons about the declaration. Also there are conflicts inside of agreement. Therefore, we think our declaration will show every student’s thoughts. So we think we have to act carefully. We will express our position by collecting students’ thoughts. We will prepare posters and booths in which they can write each opinion at the front gate and at Bongrimguan. It will reflect our position.” They took action with a passive method. With this, one student said, “When students expressed their opinions, I was confused because the student body didn’t take any action. Also, their late opinion was passive, so I was disappointed.” She criticized their act and pressed for their positive action.

People’s chosen president has to listen to people’s voices carefully. But President Park listened only to Choi’s voice. She governed the state ‘by the Choi for the Choi’. The president has to be dedicated to people and state. The president has to judge everything rationally. But when Ms. Park moves with prepared scenarios and tells lies, Korea’s future is not bright anymore. For this, people lost faith in the president, so they want Ms. Park be judged by the people.

By Choi Ga-yun, cub-reporter  rkxnsl@naver.com

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