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President Park, the puppet of a shaman
  • By Park Hyun-jeong,cub-reporte
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Choi Soon-sil is a person who is close to the president after her father, Choi Tae-min. The president even gets some help from Choi in doing speeches. The things she has done are amazing. Soon-sil could affect many things in the background of President Park.

First, Choi Soon-sil’s daughter got poor grades at Ewha University. Soon-sil met the president of the university privately for her daughter. Soon-sil demanded her daughter’s adviser be replaced by another professor. Her daughter performed poorly in the school, but she still got a B average. Soon-sil also forced Ewha University to change their school regulations so her daughter’s grade could be changed from a GPA of 0.11 to 2.00.

The new professor who replaced the old one was awarded 3 government research funds which cost about 5.5billion KRW. Ewha University arranged 8 government support projects out of 9 projects for her.

Also, Choi Soon-sil established two foundations, one is the Mir foundation and the other is the K-sports foundation. These two foundations were permitted in the quickest time ever. Furthermore, a massive amount of money, about 80billion KRW was earned in a very short period. The large enterprises that represent Korea paid for that. People felt suspicious about it and investigated this case. Suspicious things were discovered during the investigation and police are still investigating the usage of the money.

There is also an issue of her ex-husband Jung Yoon-hoi. It was already found out that he participated in government administration, even though he was a retiree. It means a person who was unrelated to the government exerted his power on politics.

Finally, Soon-sil affected president Park’s speeches.

It may be seem that Soon-sil simply helped the president write her speeches, however what matters is that a normal person could access her speeches. Speeches are documents that contain a president’s disciplines in government operations. Authority to access a president’s documents means she could see classified things in military and diplomacy. Soon-sil could have known national projects earlier than other people. She had much better accessibility in such kinds of information, and she could earn money from that.

Actually, Choi Soon-sil has property in Pyongchang, the place where the 2018 Winter Olympics will be held. Also circumstantial evidence that Choi Soon-sil tried to control national budgets has been issued. She is now hiding out in Germany and Belgium (as of the time of this writing). What people know about Choi Soon-sil is just the tip of the iceberg. Something more serious about her must exist. Government organizations already noticed about the existence of an influential person and there was no presentation of that problem. The president is a chief leader of a nation, however, a president cannot know everything. Experts in each field give their opinions, then the president should think and determine on the basis of opinions from them. What the president should keep is such power to make judgments about what is right or wrong. However, what President Park did is just relying on what Shaman Choi Soon-sil told her.

Actually, Park Geun-hye has no capacity to be the president of a nation. Park Geun-hye could only be president thanks to her father, Park Jung-hee. Many Korean people have positive memories of Park Jung-hee. People had delusions of his daughter who they thought would reenact past glories.

Citizens are mad about the relations between politics and business as well. Companies are obviously interest groups. They never give a massive amount of money to foundations without a reason. The establisher of those foundations, Choi Soon-sil is an influential person to the government. We can imagine the give-and-take relations between Soon-sil and companies. This alludes that dirty relations between companies and politics are widespread, triggered by her.

There is no guarantee that there won’t be more presidents like Park Geun-hye. From now on, parties should send good candidates and citizens should develop their insight for choosing leaders.

By Park Hyun-jeong,cub-reporte  tommyhil4444@naver.com

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