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Best bar in town, Doori
  • by Kim Eun-hwa, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2016.10.11 16:29
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There are many bars in our university town. Among them, there is a popular bar that achieved number 1 sales and just started business only 6 months ago. It’s ‘Doori’ bar. We were wondering about their stories, so The Campus Journal met the CEO of Doori.

Q. Hello. Tell me a little about yourself, please.

LIM : Hello, I’m 27-year-old Lim Muk. I’m a graduate of CWNU from this year and it’s a great honor and my heart flutters because of you coming to meet me.

KIM : Hi, I’m 29-year-old Kim Doo Hwan. I’m majoring in Science of Public Administration in an evening school and we work together.

Q. Unlike other bars, there are two bosses. How do you know each other and why did you start the business together?

LIM : We were a senior and junior of administration in an evening school. KIM entered the school when I was our department president last year. He volunteered aggressively to be a departmental student as soon as he entered and we got to know each other in the executive branch. In addition, we had the same hobby, so we became close easily. I remembered that he attended all the things in the department like preparing for some events in class and he gave me a lot of help. He suggested to me the business.

KIM : Usually, I wanted to meet many young and passionate people, so I planned the business. When I agonized over a work partner, I reminisced about LIM’s eyes full of ambition and his leadership. In an evening class, there are students who are younger or older than us. Regardless of age, he was polite to all and brought people together to join events in class. It was so impressive to me. I believed that he would be good at communicating with visitors and managing the bar.

Q. What is the reason that you chose the bar among various businesses and the bar’s name ‘Doori’

KIM : This bar location is in front of the school, so I thought we had a large floating population and guessed that can make some regular customers. Furthermore, we like drinking and eatables :) The meaning of the bar name is so simple. Because two men started the bar, the name is ‘Doori’.

A cherry blossom tree in Doori

Q. What do you think is the critical reason that this place can grow in popularity?

LIM : Its interior design. Young men, decorated interior feeling young and emotional can receive attention because there were no bars that felt this way around the school. Are there traditional, big trees in the village? We thought of villagers who talk and romp around that tree. It seemed to be memorable and cozy if we paint pictures on the walls, menus, etc like the old days’ atmosphere. Our tree is a cherry blossom. Because KIM came up with the Japanese bar in which there were painted cherry blossoms. It became the key for interior and suited all around.

Q. Right. Because of that, we have a good mind to visit again. We heard that two of you have another job except this business. What is your other job and why do you manage both? How did you overcome something so physically and mentally challenging?

KIM : I’m a prison officer and LIM is a PE teacher. The reason for not focussing on one job is stability. We only just started the business and need more time to settle.

LIM : It was so hard to manage them both in the first semester. I felt a lot of pressure and there is no one in the kitchen except us, so we were too busy. We went to our original work every morning and studied about new business after work. So we slept only 2~3 hours a day. We even talked about stopping the business. Every tough moment, we tried not to forget to enjoy, the most important attitude for us. We are used to working now and recruited employees which made us feel at home. All the employees are working gladly and look like family. When we are working delightfully, we can have a pleasant conversation with customers and get close to them more easily. I love meeting new people by nature, so I’m happy to bond with the people though this business.

Q. What is your ultimate goal of business? And tell me your message for CWNU students.

KIM, LIM : We will make food that suits the taste of customers, studying various menus and want to provide 100% gratification with good memories. That is our goal. Although we started the business with concerns, working positively made a hard process a good experience so that we could grow. If you have a dream and want to be something, then do it confidently and pleasantly!

by Kim Eun-hwa, cub-reporter  qbxlvlrm5226@naver.com

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