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The student union fee
  • Kim Hyun-woo, Dilettanna
  • 승인 2015.03.30 18:17
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By entering the university, students pay a student union fee to their major. This money is used for school events and departmental events which help freshmen school life. However, some students are having doubts about this money and question whether they have to pay, and why they have to pay about two hundred thousand won. What do you think about this?

I’m the student president of the International Trade Students’ Association. I prepared for this office since last year, and I’m now doing work at the students’ association. So I am well informed about the use of the student union fee compared to other people. I can say clearly that the student union fee is really fair. When we collect the student union fee, the amount of financial burden is reduced relatively, and you don’t have to pay too much for school events like MT, and the athletics competition. Besides, the student union fee is used for the welfare of students. Some pens, paper and other stationery in the major room is all from this fee. Also, all detailed statements are disclosed to the public, so you can see the bills or details freely at anytime. Don’t think too critically and with too much doubt. Including myself, many students working for the students’ association are trying to do our best.

By Kim Hyun-woo(Dept. of International Trade)

If you're a college student, regardless of what you're currently majoring in, you may have paid a student union fee once or even more than that. Students' association asks us or, in some cases, even punishes us for the fee. Sometimes it's rather unaffordable. Besides they ask us to pay it all at once. However, we pay our own bills whenever we attend events, don't we? That is also wrong and unjust. Furthermore, they often say they're keeping receipts so we can visit their office if we are doubtful. However, who would dare knock on their door to ask questions about these sensitive issues?

Although it is true that the students’ association tries to sponsor school events for students, I want them to solve our doubts. I hope every student is satisfied with their school life without any complaints sooner or later.

by Dilettanna (Dept. of Biochemistry & Health Science)

Kim Hyun-woo, Dilettanna  -

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