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12 Years in Prison for Child Sexual Violence, Damn Nonsense
  • Kim In-min, Yoon Seung-Joon
  • 승인 2009.10.12 22:06
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1) agree

Kim In-min
Dept.of Electronics Engneering

I never agree this decision about a case of Na-Young was sentenced to 12 years in prison for the child sexual assault. He commit the kidnapping, sexual violence, and nearly destroyed 80percent of her reproductive organs. Her life is practically finished and the case left her with indelible scars.

Not only time but nobody doesn’t heal all wounds. Although the sex offender commit a cruel act, we settle a situation as we just sentence to 12 years. It is real impersonal. The sex offender complain the penalty is too heavy and impersonal for him. Oh my god.. maybe he dose not have a conscience.

In my opinion, it is more impersonal to sentence for him just 12 years. So everyone to have a children is scaring in this actualities. Why a good citizen have to scare the occurrence of a second conviction. Without the strong penalty, many released prisoners will reoffend.

This light penalty for the child sexual assault is an unprecedented case in any other country. See how the wind blows the precedent set by the developed countries. The U.S.A use the way that the police make the neighborhood know the fact that their neighborhood is the sex offender after the sex offender come out of prison. Also U.S.A adopted the two strike out system in July 2000, namely if the criminal commit the child sex assault he will demand life imprisonment for the accused. At Texas, they set up a signpost

In front of the house of the sex offender liks as “ Danger, the sex offender live in here.” And put a sticker on his car. The china unconditional punish severely the child sex offender by death. The Taiwan sentence to 12 years in prison for it and declare the name and his photo on the main newspaper. The New Zealand watch a person¢쪾s movements by using the positioning system technology when the criminal released from prison.

The Germany enforce a castration system once in a blue moon for the sex offender. The respective countries select a diversity of penalty for it but nobody select this light and easy penalty for the criminal. However, the sex offender and his family said that his penalty is so heavy for his as compared with the fault because he had drunk himself into a stupor.

They have a cool cheek. He destroy others human right and ruin a girl’s life. Korea must be a country to keep the human right of every nation not the country to make the criminal can stretch out his legs. We must prevent the second conviction through the heavy and strong penalty. And The government have to plans to provide the molesters` pictures and detailed addresses to victims and heads of child and juvenile education institutes. we also make the criminal always know his fault and reflect on his conduct by this.

2) disagree

Yoon Seung-Joon
Dept of. Information&Communication

The sexual abuse case rocked the whole country. Human rights activists and the public have called for reform of investigations into sexual assault cases, which they claim have often infringed on the privacy of victims.

Many victims are also reluctant to report the offense because they believe they have nothing to gain and more, to lose by making a report, including social humiliation, interrogation by sometimes unsympathetic law enforcement officials, and humiliating public testimony in court about the offense.

A danger to society of under-reporting of rape is that the rapist is more apt to seek out other victims because he is less likely to fear apprehension. The National Police Agency announced that from now on only female police officers will investigate victims of sexual violence to prevent possible human rights violations.

Only males are legally liable for rape by force. But this was unfair. People who commit sexual assaults against children under 13 and kill them will likely face the death penalty or life imprisonment.

At a Cabinet meeting , the Ministry of Justice said it would instruct the prosecution to stiffen punishment on sex offenders against children or young students through revisions of the law.

Repentance wipes out sin. So, the opening of personal information to public is an unnecessary strong-arm method.

Kim In-min, Yoon Seung-Joon  -

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