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Strenghtening relative Evaluation is appropriate?
  • Seo Ye-Won, Hwang Dong-Hyun
  • 승인 2010.05.10 12:15
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by Seo Ye-Won
Dept. of Business Administration

I agree to strengthen elative evaluation. Nowadays, each press has reported that universities’ credit inflation is serious situation. According to a report, among 239 universities, over 50% students of 64 universities receive over the A credit for major courses at last year. Also, Seoul university’ 48% students received the A credit at major course and 43% students received over the A credit at liberal course at 2008. These results in seeing, you will be able to understand the credits needlessness and the reaction of foreign universities. At the foreign universities and grad schools the words are coming out that they can not believe undergraduate academic record of Korean universities. This means to drop authority of domestic universities and that university degree is not accredited.

In front stance, CWNU’s phase is not high to exclude GyeongNam awareness, it is a reality. Will, after credits inflation issues in the society, it is question that obtained high grades in CWNU have long enough credibility in this society.

In France, phase of university degree’s credibility is very high. This means that student’s grades are not important. The reason is that students difficult to completing four-year undergraduate course. And the under-performance of students expelled or quit school in the middle is also a lot of cases. In the Ivy League of the United States is also the same. These cases mean that the substantiality of educational content rather than the grade is important and how is important that credibility about education and evaluation of education from the society and the enterprise.

At this situation, CWNU have the project that ‘Pride CWNU project for Proper and Effective Teaching’ and the project have implementation ahead. In the project, ‘English Graduation’, ’Liberals must read book’, ’Chinese Characters’ and ‘CWNU plans to employ English native speaker professor’. In addition, there has been controversy on the relative evaluation.

The relative evaluation is the way to solve problem that is the credit inflation. As the relative evaluation, the students’ credits may be lowered. However, the worry about that is short-term perspective. In long-term perspective, the students will study hard as the relative evaluation and other business in the project will enhance the students’ abilities. These results will make that the society and enterprise believe the students’ abilities of CWNU’s students.
If the society and enterprise believe the students’ abilities of CWNU’s students, CWNU’s students have comparative advantage to the students who society and enterprise don’t believe. As a result, the relative evaluation is the best plan for students.


by Hwang Dong-Hyun
Dept. of Civil Engineering

University education not compulsory education like middle school and high school but higher education that students who is adult study for their dream or goal in self-regulating. Also university is the place learning actively, experience something new doesn't experienced wearing school uniform. For example, students can learn many things going abroad and they meet other countries culture in vacation period. Also they can learn different things that thought about somethings or values etc. between koreans and other country people. And, in vacation period, students can helping peoples who need our hands. It is good time ready for find employment to study for get any licenses.

If only 50% students get B, 20% students must get D of F, our university vacation life will be changed. In vacation, Class room will be crowded students who must re-taking class cause their get D or F. Certainly, it is no problem vacation of university is long enough, but plan to schedule or good programs for university students come to nothing.

Required subjects doesn't re-taking class in summer and winter session. So it is concerned about university office incited 'fifth-grade on university' that is issued social problem. Of course not my opinion below B level students get B. I think it is contradiction even though all the students pass the class good score, but a little score gap become big gap, some students get B and other doesn't get B. So I think. established grade system is right, but if many students passed dissatisfaction score, professor doesn't give B grade 70% students in his own discretion.

Seo Ye-Won, Hwang Dong-Hyun  -

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