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  • Heo Se-Eun, Kim Hyung-Joon
  • 승인 2010.04.12 22:20
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1) agree

by Heo Se-Eun
Dept. of English Language & Literature

Last week, there was something happened in dormitory. A female student brought boy friend to her room, so she was expelled from dormitory. Also her name(but only last name), room number and major is posted at cafeteria's wall for letting it know to others. Some student say it's excessive penalty, but I think it? quite suitable. There are some reasons to agree at this.

First, it's basic rule not to bring opposite sex friend for student living in dormitory. So every student can know that and it's impossible she didn't know that. That is, all of this is her responsibility because she already knows about that. If people say it's not proper to her, it's same to justify something done by thief. Because thieves already knows stealing is not good, but they do steal.

Second, it's basic rule for every student. Originally, it's banned to bring opposite sex friends to their room. If she did like that and didn't be expelled or didn't get any penalty or get light penalty, other student think like that. 'Oh, it's ok we did like that. If we do that, penalty is quite light'. So some student who want to bring their opposite sex friends try to do that. Then dormitory's order becomes messy. So it need to be expelled for uprighting order.

This is what I think about that case. It's probably too heavy penalty to her like being expelled from dormitory and posted her name to everyone. But anyway she broke a rule although she knows about penalty. She is not a child but university student can think rationally about something. Also she is a grown-up who must take a responsibility everything about thing done by herself. So she have to take on her own shoulders.

2) disagree

by Kim Hyung-Joon
Dept. of Control & Instrumentation Eng.

Nowadays, to follow the global trend, government founded the National Human Rights Commission of Korea at 2001 and has tried to strengthen its role. So citizen's human-right has been protected including even criminal's. However, CWNU dormitory is currently against the global trend. The notice from the dormitory includes students' personal information and reason why they are expelled from the dormitory at the front board of CWNU dormitory refectory.

We cannot overlook this notice. The human-right is true of not only innocent person but a criminal. It is a natural law for everyone. That is why criminal's human-right should also be protected. Of course, the students of CWNU also have a human-right.

However, the dormitory releases the personal information about a student who is expelled from the dormitory. "We always notice why they are expelled when students are against the rule, and we hide their names so it will not make trouble about releasing personal information." said an officer who works in the dormitory. But, This notice does not hide the names. That is a very serious problem. Of course, a few days later, the dormitory hides the names like Na O O. But this is a disproof that the dormitory makes a mistake.

The students will be punishment by the rule but their human-right is not relevant with the rule. That is why human-right is a part of a natural-law and is adorned with the word 'smallest'

The dormitory says, "We always notice when a student is against the rule.". "Always notice" means to always overlook the student's human-right. The dormitory released the Department, name, room number, penal regulations and reason. It is easy to find the personal information when someone uses those thing. Moreover, it is a violation of human-right.

Clearly, students who attend CWNU, keep the rule which is established by CNWU. And when we are against the rule, we will be punished according to the rule. But even though we are against the rule, our human-right has not gone and they cannot pass over our human-right.

Heo Se-Eun, Kim Hyung-Joon  -

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