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Goodbye My Friend & Run moreMovie

Goodbye My Friend

Erik is a 13-year-old boy whose single mother, Gail, has just moved to a new home in Minnesota. Erik feels like a fish out of water with his Southern accent, and he has trouble making friends until he meets Dexter , a kid a year or two younger who lives next door. Erik and Dexter get along fine, but Gail tells Erik not to go near Dexter when she learns that he contracted AIDS from a blood transfusion a few years ago. Erik ignores his mother’s instructions and stands up for the frail Dexter at school, while Dexter’s mom Linda gives Erik the warmth, affection, and home cooking that Gail is too busy to provide. However, both boys are painfully aware of Dexter’s illness, and when one of them spots a headline in a supermarket tabloid that a doctor in New Orleans has discovered a cure for AIDS, they run away together, determined to find the doctor and bring Dexter back as good as new. The movie showed friendship to rely on and to go on with until the end.

Run only ten meters

I introduce one story. Now he is one of the rich in Bu-san. His name is Kim young-sick. He is chunho corporation chairman who are reversal life story hero. His start was extremely grand. Completed his military service after he entered sales agent.

He had earn much money at that time he was young man. Soon he admired himself. And he overestimated. So invested in many project. It is mistake because his invest was not include detail plan. He failed that. Soon he became poor and into debt. A proverb saying ‘Heaven helps those who help themselves’. The fail gave him a instruction. At once he rise again and effort than others.We learn a lesson from this story. first, success is progressive. If he were content with his present position, may be he couldn’t became a rich.

second, thinking and action instantly. however we think more than act. winner always think and act instantly.

third, only passion can accomplish dream. in short, absorbed in work and your dream. When you absorbed in work, you can catch a luck that holds the key of your success. the concept of ‘more run 10meter’ mean success is not special only have passion or not.

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