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Queen Seondeok in HistoryDrama

MBC special project drama, Queen Seondeok is rapidly becoming a nation-wide popular drama. As times goes by, the drama is breaking a record and becoming a topic of conversation. One of the secret of public interest is Meesil with a attractive looks and a distinguished talent, who took control over supple three generations kings and excelled in beauty, bravery and military arts in her hand. It was breathtaking to watch her outstanding political sense.
Deokman is going to win a person over to her side persistently based on the trust and a sworn relation under the situation of concentration of every power into Meesil. Finally, she became a Queen Seondeok of Silla Kingdom. The vewers are anxious about the Queen Seondeok by cutthroat standing face to face and exciting progress. The commercial conditions of drama is real? Is it lacked in the adherence to the facts - the historical facts? What is the end of this drama? This answer based on Samguk-Sagi is following

The Last of Deokman

Deokman fell ill and took a serious turn. When she got sick, Beedam raised a revolt. In this time, one of the polar star fell so he was certain of victory. But Kim Uoo-Shin quelled a rebellion. But at this time, she died.
The Last of Meesil
The last of Meesil is that she lost all her side into Deokman and the King drive her out of a palace. So she used her last card, Beedam, her son. Beedam want to be a king. Meesil ordered him “Kill me and you get honor and then you became a king.” Finally Beedam killed her mother, Meesil.

Historical true?

Deokman and Chunmung were not twins according to Samguk-Sagi and Deokman was the eldest daughter. And Beedam was a pestilence historically.

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