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The Importance of Water in Our Lives

Water accounts for 70% of our weight. Water plays a lot of roles in all living things. It is believed that we should drink at least 1.5L each day. But many Korean people drink less water, so they are chronically dehydrated these days. Moreover, they don’t know that they need water. Water delivers lots of nutrients to our organs and helps to absorb nutrition. Water makes you feel full and helps us to control our weight. Water is closely associated with immunity. As water moisturizes the membranes that line the nose and throat, it makes bodies more resistant to infection. Water makes the small intestine continue its muscular contractions, called peristalses, faster. As a result, water helps us digest well. Water decreases the rate of colon cancer and lung cancer. It is also good for the skin.

France knows the benefits of water, so the government encourages people to drink water habitually. They educate people on the importance of water from kindergarten. Kids have their own water bottles, know that we cannot live without water, and learn how water works in our bodies. As a result, the rate of obesity has decreased for the first time since 2012. It is the only nation in Europe with a decreased rate of obesity. Even adults in France use water bottles, and drink frequently. They take this habit for granted.

An experiment involving drinking 3L of water each day for 2 weeks, was carried out on a TV program called “The Secrets of Birth and Death,” and 4 people participated in this experiment. The results were amazing. One experienced an improvement in atopy. One was relieved of constipation. One person lost 0.4 kg and another lost 1.5 kg. The benefits of drinking water were shown by this experiment.

The effect of drinking water times is a little different. When we drink cold water in the morning, water stimulates the movement of the small and large intestine. It relieves constipation. When we drink water during meals, one or two cups promote digestion. Drinking water before sleeping supplies water to our organs during sleep. Blood viscosity increases during sleep and causes strokes. Water decreases the risk of strokes in the morning. When we drink caffeine drinks such as green tea, energy drinks, and coffee, we should drink more water. Caffeine is a diuretic, so we should drink water to rehydrate. Also, as you drink a lot of water, the brain becomes softer, meaning a more active mind.

To drink water efficiently, remember 10 things. First, we should drink at least 8 cups of water. Second, drink water in portions. Don’t drink a lot of water at once. Third, natural water is better than boiled water. Fourth, drink water before meals, and don’t drink water after meals for 30 minutes. Fifth, drink slowly. Sixth, don’t drink ice water. Seventh, don’t neglect filtered water and mineral water for a long time, because bacteria can breed. Eighth, drink water before you feel thirsty. Ninth, drink water frequently when you exercise. Tenth, when you drink alcohol, drink as much water as you drink alcohol.

There are many benefits to drinking water. The more water you drink, the more advantages you get.

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