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Masterpiece Candles by ‘Yankee Candle’

‘Yankee Candle’ is a candle-manufacturing firm based in the U.S. ‘Yankee Candle’ is the leader in candle sales worldwide, and has a 47-percent share of the U.S market. Now, there are a large number of franchises in the country, and Sangnamdong has one. This brand sells candles of various shapes and uses. ‘La Candle’ is the most common candle, made by pouring wax into bottles or bowls. A ‘Tart’ is a candle in the shape of a thin soap bar with no wick. ‘Tea light’ is usually used for decoration, and it is stored in small aluminum or plastic containers. A ‘Botive’ is held in glass cups or little containers shaped like small cylinders. There is also a product for automobiles called a ‘Bent Car Stick’. Yankee Candles have a number of beneficial effects. They keep people’s bodies and minds stable, and help get rid of stress. They also remove bed smells by replacing them with good ones. Finally, they treat insomnia by making people’s minds relaxed.

Precaution should be used with candles. We should only burn them for about 3~4 hours. Otherwise, it might cause ‘Tunnel phenomenon’. ‘Tunnel phenomenon’ means that a candle does not melt uniformly, but only in the middle. These candles can’t be used for long, and they will look bad, too.

The prices of these candles vary from 5,000 won to 50,000 won, depending on type and size. A large ‘La Candle’ is 45,000 won, 37,000 won for a medium, and 19,000 won for a small. A ‘Tart’ is 3,700 won, a ‘Tea light’ is 21,000 won a box, and a ‘Botive’ is 4,700 won.

Candles also come with instructions. First of all, it is better to use a lighter to light candles. Matches contain sulfur, which is harmful to the human body when lit in a closed space. To put out a scented candle, you can prevent smoke and soot by dipping the wick into wax. If a lengthening wick makes too much soot, you should cut the remaining wick to 2~3mm in length. And it is a good idea to light up a candle for more than 2 hours whenever you use it because it takes at least two hours for the perfume to fan out. Also, it is more effective to close the cap after the wax has completely hardened rather than doing it right after using a candle. ‘Lemon lavender’ candles are very popular thanks to its effects, which put the weary body and mind at ease, and make them relieved. ‘Eucalyptus’ is good for rhinitis and colds, and ‘Midnight Jasmine’ for stress and depression. Recommended for newlyweds is ‘Wedding day,’ with its delicate smell of bouquets.

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