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Electromagnetism all around us

Is your house a WIFI zone? The more the use of smart phones increase, the more WIFI zones increase. A WIFI zone is the place where the user of a smart phone can use the internet for free. Communications companies are expanding WIFI zones. However, recently according to research WIFI zones make plants die. The research team of the University Wageningen in Netherlands found that electromagnetic waves from WIFI zones kill plants. They observed the change of trees in WIFI zones for three months and found the condition that discolored the leaves. Leaf discoloration said that the health of the tree is becoming worse. The corn bloom around WIFI zones was also slower than other zones. The research team is studying whether the electromagnetic waves from WIFI zones are harmful to human beings. The study results show that other electromagnetic waves affected the human body a long time ago. Nevertheless, we are exposed to the electromagnetic waves from a lot of electronic equipment like a smart phones computers microwaves and so on. We usually forget the risks of them because they are around us. Now, the much disputed thing is ELF (extremely low frequency) from a transmission tower or home appliances and RF (radio frequency) from a smart phone or a cordless phone. WHO and IRAC classified the electromagnetic radiation from cell phone according to carcinogenic material. The organization said, if you were exposed a lot to electromagnetic fields, you could get cancer, developmental disorders, a compromised immune system, depression, nerve disorders, reproductive dysfunction and so on. The study said that cell phone users have a higher incidence of tumors than people who don’t use them. Although it hasn’t been scientifically proven, it is the writer’s opinion that electromagnetic fields have a bad influence on the human body. They cause disorder or destruction of cell, stress, and skin diseases. The electronic equipment around us is necessary. So, how can you reduce the risk of electromagnetic exposure? When using a smart phone separate the antennae from your head because, the intensity of electromagnetic field is strong. When sleeping or the cell phone isn’t in use keep it as far away as possible. When using a microwave put it in a corner and pull the plug when you don’t use it. When using an electric blanket turn it off 30 minutes before sleeping to reduce the electromagnetic exposure by half. When watching TV, sit a minimum of 1.5m away and when using a computer keep 60 cm away from the monitor.

We don’t think electromagnetic fields are bad because we have them in our daily lives but it is harmful to our health.

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