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Romance in Your Twenties
  • Jeong Won-kyeong
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Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Are you loving and loved now? Regardless of type, all stories of love are full of romance.

According to research, 30.5% of university students in Gyeongnam have never had a boyfriend or girlfriend. They belong to a group as known as Mossol. It is short of 'Matrix Solo', and refers to people who have never gone on a date. It is believed that they are naive about love. We can see a typical 'Mossol' character in the Korean movie 'An Introduction to Architecture'. Seung-min, the main character, is a shy boy. He loves Seo-yeon, but he doesn’t know how to express his feelings. Mossol people are afraid of expressing their feelings, especially their affections. So, they face conflicts when they have a crush on someone. That is the reason why the number of Mossols is growing. To them, I dedicate this famous saying. We are born not to die, but to live. Also, we are born not to hate, but to love. So love. And your world will change.

'Managing fishing grounds' is a coined phrase. It means that keeping in touch with someone is similar to managing fish. This can be used in many situations. One case is when a person goes on many dates. The other case is when someone doesn't love you truly, though he or she pretends to. 'Aquaman', a song by Beenzino, is a popular song among young people. This song tells the frank feelings of a man, who is managed by a woman like a fish. The reason why this song is popular to young people is because many young people have experienced being 'managed'. Be careful. Don't lose your heart to liars because they play with people’s emotions while telling lies.

A program named 'A Witch-hunt' deals with romantic items, and is popular among twenty-somethings. There are many frank stories about young people. Green-light, from the show, shows the start and end of a love affair. 'Cool' club has become a popular phrase because of 'A Witch-hunt'. This phrase refers to people who pretend to be cool when they start a love affair. One panel member said, "That kind of person should be hit by a cool club." This shows that a cool mind may cause worse situations. So, don't pretend to have a cool mind.

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