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Visit and Compare Cafés at CWNU

If you are tired or busy, maybe you should have a cup of coffee. I visited some cafés, in search of cheap and cheerful ones at CWNU.

1. Café Bene at Sarim-station

Caffebene is a world-recognized brand, and the coffee chain is taking a new approach to keeping customers happy. This is a very nice thing for CWNU students. Caffebene in sarim-station is luxurious in comparison with other ones. The owner said, “The newly remodeled interior has hardwood floors, and new tables and chairs.” The interior is long and thin, and bright. If you want to read a book, you should visit this café because the light assists the eyes in reading, and the bookstore is actually right next to the café. The coffee is relatively expensive, but this is the most exclusive cafe at CWNU. They charge 4,000 won for an Americano.

2. Cantata at Bongrim-station

If you think the price of black coffee is extravagant, you should visit this café. Cantata is the cheapest and most cheerful café at CWNU. During lunchtime, the cafe was filled with students and professors because of its proximity to the school cafeteria. The little cafe has a very social atmosphere because of its limited place. Conversation can be difficult when the place is crowded. Your neighbors will be right on top of you. To say that there is a 12-inch gap between the tables would be generous. But the café serves superb coffee and sandwiches. If you want a familial atmosphere and cheap coffee, I recommend Cantata. They charge 1,500 won for an Americano.

3. Cafe Bean Town in the library

The majority of students at CWNU prefer to study at a cafe or the library rather than at home, and so do I. This café is a popular meeting place for students because it adjoins the library. The interior is smart, well laid out and quite tactile. Cafe Bean Town has all kinds of cute stuff on display, which makes the interior wonderful. The only trouble with this cafe is that the service is slow. Customers complained about that. They charge 2,500 won for an Americano.

4. Dormitory Café

Have you been to the café at the dormitory? This café is way out in the sticks. But if you live in the dormitory, it is a stone's throw. This cafe became famous through word-of-mouth at CWNU, and there is always a sweet piano melody playing in the background. This café sells sandwiches, cakes, and delicious bread, and reasonable prices make this café worth a visit. The dormitory café is an outdoor café. On a nice day, you can enjoy lunch and coffee outdoors. They charge 3,000 won for an Americano.

Which cafe do you think is best? You know what they say: ‘Friends and romance are found in cafes, deals and philosophies are worked out in cafes, and revolutions have been plotted in cafes.’ How about a cup of coffee today at a café at CWNU?

Kim Jun-hyeok  -

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