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Various Leisure Activities in Changwon

As the CWNU semester begins, many students come to Changwon from places such as Gyeongju, Tongyeong, and Busan. For many students, it is their first time in Changwon. These students spend most of their time drinking or meeting friends at the beginning of the school term. However, as the days go by, they look for new leisure activities, especially students living in the dormitory, and students away from their families. Today, I would like to tell you about various leisure activities in Changwon.

First, there is the Gyeongnam Provincial Art Museum, just five minutes from CWNU. The museum opened in 2004, and is a symbol of Gyeongsangnam-do culture. The Gyeongnam Provincial Art Museum shows exhibitions about scientific research and education. In the basement, there is a multi-purpose auditorium for education programs and lectures. From the first floor to the third floor, there are galleries. On the fourth floor, there are various facilities such as an audiovisual room, and a kid’s art room. About 860 works of art are on display such as Korean paintings, sculptures, engravings, crafts, pictures, and calligraphy. The museum is open from 10 A.M to 7 P.M. When you have no classes or on weekends, I recommend going to the Gyeongnam Provincial Art Museum.

Secondly, there is the Sungsan Art Hall. Apart from a big theater and a little theater, there are several exhibition halls, a sculpture park, an artificial waterfall, a recreation ground for concerts, plays, and exhibitions, a fountain square and a central square. Moreover, there is a buffet restaurant, a lounge and a cafeteria. With family or friends, you should visit the Sungsan Art Hall on weekends. It is also near Yongji Park. You can visit the Art Hall and see performances, or take a walk in the park.

Thirdly, there is the House of Changwon. This is a traditional house from the latter Chosun Dynasty period. In the main house, there is a folk museum. In the east wing, there is a relic museum. In the west wing, there is a back door, an agriculture exhibit hall, and a millstone operated by horse or ox. There are also many wax figures of classical scholars and village schoolteachers, vividly showing a past way of life. Moreover, the House of Changwon holds traditional wedding ceremonies for free. Many people use it. While in Changwon, you should visit the House of Changwon once.

Finally, there is a shooting range near the CWNU dormitory. It has international standard facilities. Regular citizens can use it. Shooting is good for increasing one’s mental strength, and relieving stress. Around the shooting range, there are delicious restaurants. If you go to the shooting range, you can experience new things.

Besides drinking, singing rooms, and cafés, there are many other things to do in Changwon. Enjoying various leisure activities is important in university life.

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