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Flowering Trees on Our Campus

After the last, fierce, cold snap, spring will come. Buds have formed on some trees, and some flowers have bloomed already. Do you know that there are many flowering trees on our campus? Cherry blossoms and quinces account for the majority of the trees. Amazingly, the plants at the dormitories and at the College of Economics & Business are blooming faster than those at the College of Engineering.

For students, there are some name tags on the trees. Let’s take a look at the the common flowering trees.

1. Cherry Blossoms

They are located all over our campus. Oddly, the flowers bloom earlier than the leaves, and the buds develop into flowers in mid-March. Cherry trees have lots of small flowers, and they drop off like snow. Because of the beauty, cherry blossom festivals are very popular. Instead of going to crowded festivals, we can enjoy the same beautiful atmosphere on campus. There are two kinds of cherry trees on campus: Flowering cherry trees and donarium cherry trees. Donarium flowers are double flowers, which means there are dozens of pink petals on each flower. They blossom later than other kinds of cherry trees. Flowering cherry blossoms have fewer petals and they are white.

2. Quinces

We can see quinces easily because they are everywhere. The flowers of the quinces blossom in May. The flowers are pink, small and charming. After the flowers fall off, the tree produces large fruits. They smell really good when you pass them. Because they include a lot of nutrients, the fruits are used in medicines or teas.

3. Privets

These are planted on the edges of gardens on campus. Its flowers are white, and they gather together like grapes. The flowers bust out in July and August. The smell is strong so they attract bees and butterflies from all over. In the summer, the white flowers look beautiful under a clear blue sky. When the flowers fall off, purple berries start to form. What’s unusual is that there is sodium in the stems. Therefore, they keep their form even after they die.

4. Camellias

These are sparsely planted around the campus, but we can easily find them because they look very different from other trees. Its buds are larger and harder than others. The flowers bloom from December to April. Camellias are the ones with beautiful red flowers, even in winter.

5. Lilacs

We can see one in front of the Department of Economics & Business. We can see flowers in May. Like cherry blossoms, lots of flowers gather together. It smells really sweet and the scent stays longer than others. Because lilacs stir feelings of our first love, they are good to see with boyfriends or girlfriends.

There are more marvelous flowers around the lake in front of the dormitories. You can see flowers, and there are signs that explain the flowers

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