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Small Dust, Big Problem

There is a substance that can’t be seen by our eyes because it is really tiny. It is yellow or orange and it interferes with our breathing, and outdoor activities. This substance is a hot issue. It affects our daily life in various ways. This substance is ‘fine dust.’

Fine dust comes to us from China. China’s economy is growing rapidly. Because of this, there are few restrictions on development. Factories that use coal and oil can boost their industrial output dramatically. The result is this ‘fine dust’. It can only be seen by microscope. It consists of harmful things such as heavy metals. Piling up in human bodies, it never disappears and causes many diseases. The typical example is respiratory illness. The fine dust enters the lungs and damages the lungs and bronchial tubes. It also causes pain to noses and throats. It suppresses the immune system. The fine dust also affects our daily lives. A lot of outdoor construction and outdoor activities are banned. Also, flight cancelations have happened, not only in China but also Korea and other Asian countries. China’s selfish effort to develop their economy is spoiling people’s daily lives and the environment.

However, this problem has been beneficial for some industries, such as makers of humidifiers and the air cleaners. Because fine dust causes polluted and dry air, humidifiers and air cleaners can make the air moist and sterilized. People want to breathe clean air, so they do it through humidifiers and air cleaners.

Pork belly is also gaining in popularity. Most people like eating pork belly because it is cheap and tasty. But now there is also the belief that the oil from the meat helps cleanse the dust from the body. However, this belief has been proven wrong. The oil of the pork belly is not good for cleaning the dust. Many people still don’t know this fact.

Masks are another hot item nowadays. Masks are popular when the weather is cold but these days, because of the polluted air and its affect on the respiratory system, masks have become a must-have item. Masks prevent polluted air from entering the respiratory system, and filter the dirty air.

This dust has changed many aspects of society. The situation is far from over. If this problem continues, it can cause serious problems, such as global warming. To resolve the problem, the effort of the world is needed. Countries damaged by the fine dust have to protest to international organization like the WHO (World Health Organization). People can’t depend on masks anymore.

Editor’s note: Based on research, I do not support nor do I believe many of the facts presented in this article. While there is no doubt evidence of heavy metals in the air, there is no convincing evidence that dust from China is the main source of these dangerous metals. The heavy metals in the air are coming from somewhere else. The assertion that economic growth in China is also a major cause of global warming is also not supported by scientific evidence. It is important that readers research the information themselves before drawing any conclusions. The common point of view is often not the right point of view.

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