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CAMBOATTI Gives Love to Cambodia

On January 8th, 32 members of CAMBOATTI (a CWNU volunteer group) flew to Siem Reap, Cambodia to do volunteer work. After a long flight and arriving at our accommodations, I prepared to take great pictures, and slept fitfully.

Next morning, we went to DAIL by bus. Kids welcomed us with shining, innocent eyes. We listened to explanations about what we should do and schedules. Then we started work. We served food (rice and bread) to kids, did hygiene work, such as shampooing, cutting nails, and bathing them, and painted walls, and built a house.

Delivering food

Serving food was done several times in different places. The village of floating houses was especially poor. So the first day there was very remarkable since children rushed to us begging for more bread to eat. It broke my heart because I could feel their desperation to survive. They ran to our bus crying out, ‘Please give us more bread!’ when we tried to leave. The situation made me cry.

Free gratis event

On the second day, we went to a village far from DAIL community to hold a free gratis event. We notified people to only take three things, but they tried to take more. We felt sorry for them. We wanted to give them more, but the manager of DAIL said that such a course of action could make them lethargic. It made us sad. In spite of that, the children were very cute and sensible. They showed their individuality and chose things they really wanted.

The housing project

We worked for two days at the same village. It was amazing. We installed foundation stones, erected frames and walls, and painted the walls. Finally, we completed the project! The beneficiaries of the house and all of us were very happy.

Click! Presenting my memory of ten days

I took over 3,000 photos with my camera. I fretted over how to create good pictures continuously, and I worried about missing good photos of members and kids. I had difficulty setting the photo printer, selecting the best photos, and printing them. The printing job was very stressful because I couldn’t get enough sleep. I felt lonely for some members regarded my job as very easy work, so I cried sometimes.

But the pictures made the children and the members very happy so I was pleased. When will I ever take so many pictures like that? It was an awesome memory for me. I will never forget it.

Park Ji min  powersoft3@naver.com

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