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Do you Know about Psychological Effects?
On the road ahead, sometimes psychological effects have control over our bodies. In addition, a positive mind and sincerity can make our business successful. Especially in these times, psychological effects are everywhere around us. Let me briefly introduce four psychological effects.
1. Placebo effect & Nocebo effect.
We often hear the saying, "Your own outlook on life decides everything.” Do you know about the placebo effect?” The placebo effect is the effect that makes patients feel better even if they take a placebo. It originates from the Latin, meaning "I will make you satisfied." In relation to the above statement, placebo effect means obtaining the results given through the use of counterfeit medicine. In short, the patient's own mind can cure his or her disease. Although, there still isn’t specific proof about it, many experts acknowledge this effect. It has been effectively utilized through many examples. The placebo effect is one of the great mysteries of medical science that in almost every pain study, about 35% of patients on a placebo feels some relief. So, this effect has big potential for disease treatment in the future. In contrast to the placebo effect, the nocebo effect is the negative reaction experienced by a patient who receives a nocebo. It originates from the Latin language "I shall harm.” It is a harmless substance that creates harmful effects in a patient who takes it. For example, a sailor died of hypothermia because he was accidentally pent up in a cold storage warehouse. But this cold storage warehouse remained idle, thus the internal temperature was not low. However, a negative mind drove a sailor to suicide.
2. Pygmalion effect & Stigma effect.
Next, I'll introduce the Pygmalion effect. It is known to be a kind of "self-fulfilling prophecy."
Pygmalion first appeared in Greek mythology. In this story, a king of Cyprus carved and then fell in love with a statue of a woman, which Aphrodite brought to life as Galatea. This effect has come to mean "you get what you expect." People tend to live up to what is expected of them. And they tend to do better when treated as if they can do something successfully. These are the lessons of the Pygmalion Effect. We can use this effect to our work and especially, study. In contrast to the Pygmalion effect, Stigma effect is the extreme disapproval of a person or group on socially characteristic grounds that are perceived to distinguish them from other members of society. Stigma is a Greek word that in its origins referred to a type of marking or tattoo which was burned into the skin of criminals, slaves, or traitors in order to visibly identify them as blemished or morally polluted persons. Thus Stigma effect induces a very negative mind.
In conclusion, psychological effects can affect people profoundly. Therefore, the saying that your own outlook on life decides everything, should be impressed upon our minds.

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