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Flower-Viewing in Changwon
It’s spring. Do you feel the breath of spring? Are you ready to go flower viewing? Where do you go for a picnic? Are you going to Jinhae? Did you know that you can see cherry blossoms in Changwon? This is where Changwon people go. Let’s go together!
Have you been to the education building in Changwon? It takes about 20 minutes by bus to get there. The cherry blossom street that only Changwon people know about is located there. This street near the entrance of the education building is as beautiful as Jinhae’s. Along the cherry blossom street, you can see Chrysanthemum Park. There are many other flowers in addition to the cherry blossoms. So it is a good place to walk with your friends.
There is also a cherry blossom festival located there. It is not as big as Jinhae’s but it is held every year. There is a cherry blossom tunnel, too. It is so beautiful. So, here is a tourist attraction for Changwon citizens. When I was young, I remember going there with my parents. You should try to go there with your family, girlfriend or boyfriend.
Go a little distance from the education building, and you can see the Changwon Hospital. There is a Tulip Park near the hospital. Have you been there? Changwon citizens don’t know it well. So, if you have time, go to the Tulip Park. There are many colorful tulips. You will feel like you are in the Netherlands.
There is another cherry street. It is on the main boulevard of Changwon. This road extends from Changwon Hospital to Namsan Terminal. How attractive it is! Enjoy the springtime!

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