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Hurry Up, it is Time to Vaccinate!
How much do you know about vaccinations? There are various kinds of protective inoculations such as HPV vaccinations, hepatitis B vaccinations, tetanus vaccinations, and others. It is important to inoculate seasonally because some vaccinations are needed at the proper time.
First, young women must get HPV vaccinations. HPV is Human Papilloma Virus. It resides in the vagina of females and causes genital cancer. It is hard to treat and cure completely. When a couple has sexual relations without any protection, just a single contact can lead to HPV infection. Formerly, HPV was deemed a kind of venereal disease, and it was not considered a serious problem. However, it has since come out that it can cause all sorts of cancers to women, and even men. Fortunately, vaccines have been developed to prevent those diseases. Men can get vaccinated, too. It is a required condition to inoculate before having your first sexual contact, or in your teens. Then you can be safe without any worries. People should be aware of the need for getting HPV vaccinations in Korea, in order to ensure our safe future. CWNU also partially subsidizes expenses for HPV inoculations. Go see a gynecologist and get vaccinated three times. The cost is quiet expensive, but your health is more important.
Next, hepatitis B is also a dangerous disease which we should watch out for because it is infectious. It is spread through saliva. Since our drinking culture includes passing glasses around, Korea was once a dangerous area for hepatitis B. However, as people became careful with their health, this drinking habit has slowly been disappearing. When you are infected with hepatitis B, you cannot digest well, get tired easily, retain water, get jaundice of the eyes, and develop an itch. Most importantly, if you don’t treat hepatitis B, it changes into cirrhosis, which is a virus that harms interstitial cells and damages your liver during the process of fighting between the virus and your immunocells. Therefore, you should get vaccinated. Once you get an antibodies test for hepatitis B and inoculate yourself, you do not need any additional injections or antibodies. Just keep yourself clean at all times. That is the best preventative measure in your daily life.
It is also necessary to get a vaccination for tetanus. When you get injured and neglect your injury, it causes paralysis in your muscles due to increased clostridium tetani. Do not forget this vaccination if you have any injury.
A principle of vaccination is the injection of weakened pathogens which introduce the disease into your body. Then antibodies are made to attack the pathogen. Since the pathogen is weakened already, the antibodies can defeat the pathogens easily. Later, when you are ill, you can overcome your disease because your body remembers how to attack the pathogen. It is a very interesting principle, and our body has an amazing immune system.

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