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Take Care of Yourself in Spring!
At the beginning of March, many newspapers said that the hottest spring was coming. Do you agree? Until just recently, it seemed really hot. However the weather has become cold again these days. Many people are stubbornly wearing spring clothes because of the warm weather at the beginning of this month. They seem to feel that spring has already come. We should be careful this season for various reasons. I will tell you how to prevent diseases that commonly crop up during springtime.
A bad cold is the most unwelcome guest. If you feel chilly and have a fever, it means you have caught a bad cold. Usually, muscle pain follows. Your shoulders, limbs, and torso will really ache. It is easy to catch a cold during the changing of seasons. Temperature change, stress, and lack of sleep cause low levels of immunity. In short, our level of immunity is bound to drop when our body weakens. And then, the cold virus passes into our body. To avoid catching a bad cold, ingesting a broad variety of foods is the first thing you should do. Exercise and deep sleep are necessary, too. Drinking water also helps to rehydrate your body. Once your body condition is well, you will be able to ascertain whether you have a cold or not.
Yellow dust also causes many diseases. The yellow dust is intensive from March to May. The cause is China’s desertification. Since it is a fine dust, it flies to North America, as well as Korea and Japan, through the atmosphere. The weather center predicts that this will be the worst year for yellow dust because China, the source of the dust, has low precipitation. The yellow dust contains diverse ingredients toxic to the system like silicon, copper, lead, and cadmium. Weather research and forecast is divided into three levels. At low and moderate levels of yellow dust, children, old people, and patients suffering from bronchial trouble or respiratory diseases would be better off to stay inside. At high levels of yellow dust, not only the old and the infirm, but also ordinary people should refrain from going out. Kindergartens and elementary schools may also consider closing their doors during this time. To prepare for the yellow dust, use air cleaners and humidifiers. If you do not have any machines, use wet cloth indoors. When you do go out, take a mask and sunglasses to protect your bronchial tubes and eyes. And do not forget to wash your hands and drink water frequently. Also, eating street food can be dangerous when the level of dust is high.
The thing you have to be careful about is not just the last cold snap in spring. Remember that thorough prevention is the best medicine. Be well by taking care of yourself. Have a good springtime!

Jo Young-in  youngwon13@naver.com

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