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Newly Opened Department in CWNU: Dept. of Nursing

In 2010, Dept. of Nursing newly opened in CWNU. Dept. of Nursing is established to foster professional nurses to maintain and promote health of individuals, families, groups and communities by establishing therapeutic relationships with them, aid in the recovery from illness, and help maintain and enhance optimal health conditions through education based on ethical values of human respect and humanitarianism, acquisition of scientific knowledge and expertise, and benevolence-oriented character education. I had an interview with departmental student representative Joo Sae-Yeong(Dept. of Nursing, 10).

1. What is your reason for applying Dept. of Nursing?
-The biggest reason is to get a job. There are not many nurses in Korea. So the chances for the students of Dept. of Nursing to get a job are exected to grow increasingly. Moreover, many students in Department of Nursing are interested in social welfare and medical services.

2. What career is expected after graduation?
-Graduates may choose to become clinical nurses, midwives, nurse anesthetists, or public health nurses in primary, middle and high schools. It is also possible for them to serve as nurses in companies, banks and air carriers or as Community Health Practitioners (CHP) who are in charge of public healthcare. Alternate options include pursuit of administrative roles as public servants involved in national healthcare policies or academic advancement through entry in public health-related graduate schools. By completing professional nursing courses equivalent to masters’ courses after graduation, they may also become professional nurses in various fields including mental health, home health service, geriatric service, hospices and occupational health service.

3. Is there any difficulty studying, for the department is newly introduced?
- Since we have only freshmen, we hold the chairman, administration, the school subject representative, and there are a lot of short points. But communication between each other is free, and we are happy on our own way. Students were cooperating to work well, and a secretary of the department helps us very much.

4. How do you lead Dept. of Nursing in the future?
- Everyone always says “you are a history”, because we are the first. Now although department is new so there are many people who don’t know the existence of Dept. of Nursing in CWNU. So we will try our utmost to represent CWNU.

Choi Duck-Yoon  Duckyoon1004@changwon.ac.kr

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