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Who is the king of reading the book

What would be a great way to spend school life more meaningfully? Reading books is one way.

It is a medium to experience many things indirectly. Also, reading many books during university life will be a treasure after graduation. Today, I interviewed the graduate who borrowed the most books from the school library. Let’s talk about who he is and why he borrows so many books.

Q. Hi. Could you introduce yourself?

Park: Hello. I am Park Woo-sub and my major is dancing. I’m a graduate of CWNU. Good to meet you.

Q. Why do you visit the school library so often?

Park: The main reason is, it’s my usual habit. Because I don’t have TV at home, instead of watching TV, reading books has been my usual habit. So naturally, I visit the library and borrow books.

Q. What kind of books do you usually borrow?

Park: I’m mostly interested in historical novels, so I borrow them mostly. I’m also interested in novels so I borrow them frequently.

Q. Are there any books to recommend to our students?

Park: I want to recommend Tae Baek Mountain Chain written by Jo Jeong-lae. This novel is an epic novel so the content is long, but it is not boring. In addition, we can accurately know about past events through the book.

Q. What is the advantage to reading many books during your campus life?

Park: Books help to experience many things that we can’t experience in daily life. I can have various experiences as I read many books. Also, these various experiences help my dancing which is my major. So I recommend students to read many books because they can get various experience.

Q. What are good points and bad points of our library?

Park: First, the advantage is that our library has good accommodations. Also, it has many kinds of books. However, the weakness is that the loan period is very short and the limit to the number of books checked out is only three. It is too little, in my opinion.

Q. Finally, Is there anything more to say to our readers?

Park: This is the time of your youth. We can never have our youth back again, so enjoy it without regret.

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