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From 30 years ago till now
  • Choi Hyeon-kyeong
  • 승인 2015.03.30 18:28
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Many people have made an effort to make CWNU better today from 30 years ago. We met Prof. Kim Gi-min of Dept. of Special Education, who has taught students for 30 years.

Q. What was your starting point to become a professor?

Kim: I entered CWNU to become a secondary teacher and Pedagogy was my major. However, I was in trouble because I felt it didn’t suit my personality after starting to teach in the fourth year. After thinking it over, I went to graduate school and studied more due to suggestions from seniors. At that time, the Dept. of Special Education didn’t exist and there was just the Dept. of Education. CWNU just recruited a person whose major was educational philosophy and I took the first step, being hired as an instructor in CWNU on September 1st in 1984.

Q. Do you have any difficulties at work?

Kim: In other professors’ cases, they can do lectures because their departments don’t change. In my case, the number of subjects I could teach decreased due to the creation of the Dept. of Special Education. Diminishing the need to teach students was a bit difficult and a worry for me. However, I don’t regret it because it was also for the students.

Q. If you had a rewarding moment at work, when was it?

Kim: Dept. of Special Education is a place to develop teachers teaching disabled children. When I see students passing a teacher recruitment examination, and instructing their juniors during the student teaching, truly, I feel it is worth teaching students enthusiastically as a professor.

Q. Lastly, if you have any hope for our students, what would it be?

Kim: I’m sad that, though students are worried about employment and studied hard because of youth unemployment, it doesn’t always work out. Personally I want students to display their own abilities globally, widening their horizons and getting out of the fence called Korea. Not just looking to get into a major company, I want them to do many worthwhile works like volunteering in poor countries and teaching the poor because I’m sure our students have intellectual, moral and upright abilities.

Choi Hyeon-kyeong  hk7312003@naver.com

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