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Be a Female Leader

ROTC(Reserve Officers' Training Corps) is the place where officers are trained. Nowadays not only male officers but also female officers are increasing. I interviewed CWNU female ROTC, Shin Yu-hwa (Dept. of International Trade) who is being trained as hard as female soldiers on the MBC broadcast program ‘Real Men’.

Q. What made you go for ROTC?

Shin: My grandfather was an officer. Growing up watching him, I developed a desire to be a soldier. I did an exercise frequently and became a classroom president because I wanted to be a soldier.

Q. What are the hard parts as a woman soldier?

Shin: I had just been a female university student for 2 years. A sudden change of identity makes me confused because my life pattern is changed and I have more things that I can’t do. When I was a student, I could take a rest whenever I wanted to and didn’t carry heavy things. However I had to take long walks and carry heavy things after being a soldier. These things were hard at first but now I get used to them. Then, the men’s grade 3 physical-fitness test is similar to grade 1 for women. I sometimes feel sorry for my male classmates, that I feel like a burden to them because of the physical difference between men and women.

Q. When is the most memorable moment?

Shin: That is the ROTC 2nd interview test. I prepared for military academy for 6 years, first. However I failed it and felt extremely ashamed of myself. Then I entered CWNU and applied for ROTC. When the interviewer asked me a question on the 2nd interview test, the question was “What is the thing that you did best in your life?” In answer to it, I said to him “The thing is: I am here now”. After listening to me, the interviewer said “Thank you for your effort.” I dropped tears with emotion because it was a time that I didn’t have a firm belief in myself. Then I could have lots of confidence and thought that 6 years of preparing military academy was not in vain.

Q. What does your family think about ROTC?

Shin: My parents support me. They are so positive about soldiers because of my grandfather. My brother wants to enter the military academy and ROTC after seeing me do it. My sister, who is going to CWNU, thinks that I am a reliable brother.

Q. Is there anything you can’t do as a ROTC?

Shin: ROTC’s responsibilities are considerable. We should serve as a model for others. So we shouldn’t doze off and check the phone in class, use the phone on the road, or laugh loudly.

Q. What are you like as a university student not as a ROTC?

Shin: As a university student I am very cheerful and laugh a lot. I like to dress up and put on make-up. I also finish words to say and I do whatever I do with conviction.

Q. Would you introduce ROTC to the readers?

Shin: The military is commonly comprised of men. You can gain valuable experience in your life by commanding soldiers proudly as a female leader. Also, you will receive benefits, such as scholarship and world explorer program. If you are interested in female ROTC, visit homepage (http://www.armyofficer.mil.kr) and apply for it until March 31.

Seong Jaeho  msjwk9497@naver.com

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