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Live Your Own Life

There is a famous saying, 'If you want to start and concentrate on something you like, don't be restricted by age and live your own life while having a dream all the time'. At CWNU, there is Park Da-seul (Dept. of Korean Language and Literature) who lives this motto. Her novel, titled Kim Sang-Joong's Drifting Records received the CWNU Literary Award. When I interviewed her, I felt happy because she was so bright. She is happy due to living her life writing literature that she loves.

Q. Could you tell me what made you submit Kim Sang-Joong's Drifting Records for the 19th literature contest of CWNU?

Park: I knew the contest through seniors who work together in the 'Creative reading' study group. In addition, I saw the contest on the brochure and Waggle homepage. Even though I worried about dropping out of the contest, I just submitted my literature on the contest with courage.

Q. The story of your literature is similar to our general life. Is it your experience?

Park: Of course the story isn't my story. I saw a postscript about a teacher certification examination on the Internet because I wanted to know how to be a teacher. I think that this experience entered my literature.

Q. What did you want to tell readers through this literature?

Park: Kim Sang-joong, the main character in the story, lives in his trunks. He doesn't find the path of his life. There are lots of these people around. I wanted to tell them, do not live your life without any dreams but live hopefully.

Q. In your story, Kim Sang-joong doesn't have his own dream. If you have a dream, what is yours?

Park: My dream is just to live by keeping writing literature because I like writing. So I will keep writing forward if people would like to read my literature.

Q. Would you leave a message for our readers?

Park: It is important to do whatever you want to do. I wish that you wouldn’t be bound by anything and would live your life finding and doing what you like. Do the things you love so you will have no regrets.

Jung Hye-jung  -

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