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Share a Warm Heart with Children

At CWNU, there is a person spending the cold winter with a warm heart. I interviewed Jung Min-jung (Dept. of Special Education), who gives laughter to children and takes care of them with lots of love at the Hyerim School for disabled children.

Q. What did you do at the Hyerim School?

Jung: I took care of a girl student and helped her to be able to take part in programs well.

For example, I talked slowly to her to help her understand the class and we solved a difficult part together. Also, I progressed lessons with teachers when they needed help.

Q. Why did you decide to do a voluntary activity at the Hyerim School?

Jung: I felt that hands-on experience of sharing with children is important as a special education student. I also thought that these experiences will be a lot of aid to build my career.

Q. What activities were the happiest and hardest during the voluntary service?

Jung: While participating in the school, I went to an amusement park with the children. I could know what children like and hate. I was pleased to talk with them when we did a physical and ceramic activity. However, I had trouble in making the children calm down when they couldn’t control their emotions. After contemplation, I realized that patience is important to treat the disabled. I felt that it was one of the solutions that children make themselves calm down if I just wait for them to.

Q. It must have been a very valuable experience for you. I wonder what your dream is.

Jung: I want to be a special instructor who can discover disabled children's possibility and help the possibility shine. I tried to be a person who can impart the right things to the disabled because I realized how important and worthwhile education is.

Q. Do you have any words for the Campus Journal readers?

Jung: I have seen that some people were biased against disabled children while I was doing a voluntary activity. I felt sorry in the situation because I had experienced children’s purity in person. I wish readers would break down the walls of these prejudices and create a world where everyone gets along.

Lee Ha-eun  -

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