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HRDC: Meet a Counselor of University Life

Many university students worry about getting a job and their career. In this situation, where can we ask for help? It is ‘The General Human Resource Development Center (HRDC) of CWNU’. I met staff member, Park Ji-hee, the team leader of the employment support department.

Q. Glad to meet you, Ms.Park. Could you introduce the HRDC?

Park: Simply, HRDC is where CWNU students can build their four-year career, from entrance to graduation. We do our best not only to increase employment rate but also to help students achieve their goals.

Q. What sort of work do you do there?

Park: I give a lecture on employment such as ‘Future Design Method’ and counsel students. Besides that, I have planned and promoted the Dream Catch system since last year. Nowadays I am also looking into the errors and correcting them.

Q. Wow, you must be very busy to do so many tasks. Then, what kind of programs are going on currently?

Park: The most representative program is ‘The Sarim Leaders Club’, which is intended to develop outstanding students who are ready to get jobs. Also, there is ‘The Employment Group Supporting Program’ which expands to all grades in this year. Students who are trained there will have a priority to enter The Sarim Leaders Club. Besides, we manage the Dream Catch System, Career Camp and some liberal arts about employment.

Q. If you have any difficulties at work, what are they?

Park: In the center, we provide various programs all through the year, but still don’t have our own lecture room. So we have difficulty in renting facilities. For example, we have no choice but to move several buildings in one lecture and cannot meet students’ demands for study rooms. To offer a better environment to students, the institutional improvement is urgent.

Q. Any words for our readers?

Park: It is difficult to plan the whole life. However, if you try thinking about how to live at least four years in university, it would be better to visit us. In fact, in fourth-grade it is too late to prepare for employment. So students should set up a specific goal as soon as possible, in first or second-grade. Don’t waste time!

Lee Ha-eun, cub-reporter

Lee Ha-eun  lovehaeun0126@gmail.com

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