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Experience is Valuable

Nowadays, there are lots of programs for students. We interviewed Jieun Song, who works as a student reporter for the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRFK), widening her world experience.

Q. Would you introduce yourself and explain the National Research Foundation of Korea?

Song: I’m a sophomore in Mass Communication and work as a reporter for the National Research Foundation of Korea. NRFK is an organization that cultivates talented people in the fields of academics, and scientific and technological advancement.

Q. How did you come to participate in the press corps of the NRFK?

Song: My dream is to become a broadcast writer. Last semester, I joined the broadcast production with my colleagues as a broadcast writer. Afterwards, I was searching for a writing job and heard news about recruiting student reporters at NRFK. To expand my mind, I applied for it and started working as a reporter last August.

Q. What do you try to do as a NRFK reporter?

Song: The NRFK press corps focuses on writing articles about humanity twice a month. In the scientific and technological era, I try to look for fresh material to attract peoples’ interest in humanity.

Q. How do you feel working as a NRFK reporter?

Song: I participated in various events. Through the events, I broadened my mind to view the world. I thought about my future seriously. Working as a student reporter, I came to know other student reporters and communicate with them a lot. If you are interested in writing, why not join us to experience and learn about our world?

Kim Yu jeong  msjwk9497@naver.com

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