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Synergy effect

The CE team, Youngjin Seo, Gobong Choi, Gahye Park, Yerin Jeong, of the Computer Engineering Department in CWNU received the grand prize (Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning Minister Award) in the student category of the 11th Korean DA (Data Architecture)Design Contest. It was held in the Korean Press Center on November 10th. The DA Design Contest has been sponsored by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning for 11 years acknowledging the best authority in Korea. The following is an interview with Youngjin Seo, a leader of the CE team.

Q. Would you introduce yourself and explain about DA?

Seo: I’m a senior in the department of Computer Engineering and in charge of the CE team. CE stands for Computer Engineering. DA is the blueprint of a DB (Data Base) which roles as an architectural design drawing in information system development. This is a systematic design process of data structure, a company’s core asset.

Q. Why did you participate in the DA Design Contest?

Seo: I heard about the DA Design Contest when I had a class on DB (DB introduction, Data Processing, DB Planning). During the vacation, we started a study group in the form of a seminar with students interested in DA.

Q. What was the hard point while you were preparing for the contest?

Seo: We planned to design for the welfare facilities of a company. However, we had a lot of difficulties in the process of designing because we didn’t have any social experience. We managed to overcome it with the help of major professors, Yongtae Woo, Hyenjeong Moon, and Younggi Kim.

Q. Your team received the grand prize in the contest that 103 teams took part in. What did you feel through the contest?

Seo: Preparing for the contest, we could gain different perspectives about DA design. I hope that our prize gives confidence to junior colleagues who prepare for this kind of contest. Lastly, I am grateful to major professors and team members for supporting me in the process of preparing the contest.

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