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Another Me, Another Life

People want to live a different life at least once like a scion, a star entertainer, a singer. There is the place where you can experience these lives. That is at the CWNU drama society. I interviewed Kim Anna (Dept. of Korean Language & Literature 11) a member of the drama society.

Q. Is there any particular reason you joined the drama society?

Kim: I just joined the club because my friend suggested it and because I wanted to study script writing because I was interested in it.

Q. Can you tell me about the drama society?

Kim: The drama society performs a play four times a year, two regular ones and two special ones. We usually spend 2~3 hours practicing a day. Then, two weeks before the performance, we gather every day including weekends. The number of members is 40, but only 20 members are working. We operate the club by receiving a supporting fund, 200,000 won, from the club association and profits that we make.

Q. What did you learn from being a member of the society and is there anything that you maybe regret?

I learnt how to treat people by working as an actor. I can change my passive character into a positive one and have a loud personality. However, I lost my personal time. I can’t make any plans at the time of a performance because I have to practice a play. I also got stressed.

Q. What were the hardest and most memorable experiences?

When we performed ‘Hamlet’, I played Hamlet’s knife. All the members of the society wanted me to play the role differently. It made me so confused. I understood the role in my mind but I couldn’t express it in detail. So I cried a lot. The most memorable experience was when I played a certain role, and there was a scene in which I had to lower my voice. When I lowered my voice to a whisper, the audience paid so much attention to me. I got goose bumps at that moment and became more enthusiastic about the play.

Q. Any words for our readers?

If school was all about grades, our lives would be boring. A play can be a chance to challenge you. I ask for your continuous interest and participation at the drama society.

Seong Jaeho  -

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