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The 16th Sangju Market National MTB (Mountain Bike) Challenge was held on October 12th., Gigun Moon (Dept.of Physical Education 14) received the grand prize. I interviewed Gigun Moon.

Q. Why did you ride the MTB?

Moon: A friend of my parents runs a bicycle shop. When I was 15 years old, my parents bought me an MTB recommending MTB as a hobby. Since then, I joined “Miryang MTB”, an MTB club I ride with 3~4 times a week. The first time I rode an MTB, it was difficult and intimidating. However by riding my MTB often, I improved and I could participate at several MTB competitions. I even won medals. I love the moment of crossing the finishing line victorious. It is this that inspires me to ride my MTB all the time.

Q. What was the hardest thing preparing for this competition?

Moon: I fell into a slump two months before this competition, which prevented me from practicing MTB for a month. People call a slump a waste of time, but for me it was a chance to seriously think about my dream. Also the slump helped me spiritually and physically. It motivated me.

Q. How did you prepare for this competition?

Moon: I gained a lot of weight. To control my weight, I rode my MTB on long distance roads. For technical training, I practiced on courses like Jongnamsan, Woonjuam and Iljabong, which are similar to the competition course.

Q. What did you realize during this competition?

Moon: Every competition leaves me with something to think about for next time. After this competition, I realized that I should have practiced on the competition course two or three days before the competition like other athletes.

Q. Do you have plans to become a professional MTB athlete?

Moon: My dream is to become a Korean MTB athlete. Last July, l participated in the cycling part of the World University Championship as a member of the Korean national team. I could see a tremendous gap in the ability between Korean and other competitors. So if I become a Korean national MTB athlete, I want to increase the Korean MTB level and compete on a broader scale.

Kim Yu-jeong  -

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