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At the last Bongrim Dae-dong-jae Festival, many talented CWNU students participated in the Superstar C, a singing contest. I interviewed the winner, Shin Sae-bom (Department of Music) who sang “The Love of a Thousand Years”.

Q. Congratulations! I heard that your amazing voice drew admiration from the audience. How do you feel winning the contest? Did you think you were going to win?

Shin: Thank you. Regardless of the award, I was very happy to sing on stage. I really appreciated it because I didn’t expect to win. The other participants performed very well, so I enjoyed their songs, as well.

Q: Aren’t you nervous standing on a stage?

Shin: I was very nervous before stepping onto the stage, but I tried to focus on the song. Fortunately, when I began to sing, I became more relaxed. Maybe, the stage suits me.

Q. How do you sing so well? Are you naturally talented?

Shin: No. I’m not gifted. I have to learn and practice over and over again. My major is vocal music so I need to practice a lot. Many people want to know how to sing well, but I think there isn’t one special way. Simply practicing is the best way to improve your singing.

Q: Have you ever auditioned for Superstar K? If not, why don’t you?

Shin: I have liked to sing since childhood, so I was in the children’s choir and participated in singing contests several times. But I have never auditioned for TV programs. I am not interested in such things yet.

Q: Lastly, What are your future plans after graduation?

Shin: Well, I had taken a leave of absence to study other things besides music. I finally realized that only singing makes me happy. But I don’t want to be a k-pop singer. I am thinking about a job that lets many people hear my songs in different ways.

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