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Turning Point in my Life

The 2014 National Student Portfolio Preliminary Competition was held in early October. Six CWNU students entered this competition in five fields, and all produced good results. One of the students, Hyuntae Seo in the Department of Architectural Engineering received the grand prize with the highest score for his entry. The following is an interview with him.

Q. How did you come to participate in this competition?

Seo : I heard a portfolio lecture in the second semester of my sophomore year. The lecture on self-improvement and successful employment through portfolio use impressed me. Upon listening to this lecture, I set a goal to make a portfolio containing the memories of my four-year college life. During vacations, I organized assignments and recorded school activities because I had a busy schedule during the semesters. After three years, I had two 9 cm-thick portfolios. So I entered this competition with my completed portfolio to get evaluations and a chance to develop myself.

Q. What are the characteristics of your portfolio, and what was the main reason you got the grand prize?

Seo : I made it in a simple and neat design. At the same time, I added colorful pictures to more than 300 pages of the portfolio so as not to bore the readers. My portfolio includes a lot of design characteristics from architectural engineering, such as modeling productions and building design processes. So my portfolio provided various things to see compared with other portfolios. In the portfolio preparation, I paid most attention to design. One judge said, “The design report in your portfolio was the best organized.” I think the design reports were the main reason for the grand prize.

Q. How did you feel preparing for this competition?
Seo : While making my portfolio, I contemplated my future and growing up . Making a portfolio was a really interesting. I could receive the grand prize thanks to colleagues’, teachers’, and acquaintances’ help. I’m grateful to all of them.

Kim Yu-jeong  -

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