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Challenge Yourself and Do What You Like
  • Jeong Won-kyeong
  • 승인 2014.09.22 17:26
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Nowadays, many university students want to experience various things through extracurricular activities. At CWNU, student Lee Dokyeung is doing three activities this year.

Q. What activities are you doing?

Lee: I am a member of Chaohreum, honorary ambassadors of CWNU. We put on events and welcome guests as student representatives. I am also a team leader of the 'One to One' program. I help foreign students with formalities like getting accounts and adapting to life in Korea. Finally, I do volunteer work at ICEA (International Cultural Exchange Activity). I go to tourist sites and share Korean traditional culture with foreigners.

Q. Two activities of yours ('One to One' and ICEA) are cultural exchange programs. Is there any special motive for participating?

Lee: A few years ago, I had a Working Holiday in Australia. When I was there, I could empathize with the difficulties of foreign workers. After I returned home, I felt there was more racial discrimination in Korea than I thought. We tend to look favorably upon white people. Conversely, southeast asians are easily looked down upon. We are all humans. Why segregate each other? I want to help people struggling with these problems.

Q. You must be busy with these activities. How do you manage your classes?

Lee: Class management is the same as time management. If you study what you like to learn, you will get a good grade. I plan to change my major to Law, so I am attending these lectures now. Of course, it's hard to keep up with others, but I am happy to study and I hope to achieve good results.

Q. Your goal is to enter the legal profession? What is your main goal?

Lee: The rich and people in power aren’t afraid of the law. When they commit illegal acts, they simply cover up the incident. It comes from corruption and irregularities. I want to bring them to justice and correct this inequity. Also, I would like to protect good and innocent people from crime. I will become a person who keeps our society fair, free and safe.

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