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  • Jeong Won-kyeong
  • 승인 2014.09.22 17:24
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Are you interested in advertisements? Here, at CWNU, there is a student who won the bronze prize in an advertisement contest. I interviewed Kim Joong-geun (Dept. of Journalism & Mass communication).

Q. Congratulations! I heard that you won the bronze prize in the field of planning in the DCA advertisement contest. How do you feel? Would you tell me about the contest?

Kim: Thank you. Well, I'm bewildered at having won a prize I wasn't expecting. Even now, I often feel like when I first heard that I won a prize. The DCA Ads contest is hosted by the Daehong Ads agency.

Q. Would you tell me the distinctive features of your proposals?

Kim: Our team chose Pepero. I think that the planning stage is important because it is important to choose a creative and realistic idea instead of an idea that wouldn’t be realistic and consumers wouldn’t relate to. We included Pepero's problems and stories which people could empathize with.

On the Pepero day, many people buy it as a gift. Also, we reflected an ongoing social issues, people use smart phones so much that there is little chance for face to face communication. We thought that Pepero is the key to solving this problem.

Q. I wonder where you got these ideas. Would you tell me about this?

Kim: For a month, we met together and talked all about Pepero. The more you gather information, the better your proposals will be. It will present a variety of views for the product. So, we used brainstorming to collect small information.

Q. What was the hardest and best thing while preparing for the contest?

Kim: The hardest thing is that I was a little frightened. I had entered other contests eight times before. After these failures, I was jaded and felt like it had all be for nothing. Looking back on it now, I was not confident in myself. However, you know what, 'Failure is a Wonderful Teacher'. I did it!

It's great chance to have business experience for university students. People who want to work in the advertising business have gain more experience than others and these influence people’s opinions, just like they did mine.

Jeong Won-kyeong  -

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