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The Robot Capstone Challenge of 2014

Recently there have been a lot of opportunites to spread the creative ideas of students. One of them was the Robot Capstone Challenge of 2014 that was held in Busan, BEXCO from August 14th to 16th, 2014. The 2014 Robot Capstone Challenge was a competition to design and manufacture an intelligent robot that uses sensors of all types. The Department of Mechanical Engineering team was awarded the grand prize in the Capstone part of this tournament. I interviewed the group leader, Seongwoo Son.

Q. How did you participate in the Robot Capstone Challenge?

A. While we were doing some projects in the Lab, we got to know, accidentally, that the Robot Capstone Challenge was being held. So we decided to enter the contest.

Q. How you have prepared for the Robot Capstone Challenge?

A. We put a lot of effort into producing a PPT because the PPT is an important part in the Capstone competition and in order to put the design shape into the PPT, we used the 3D design program. To solve the problems that appeared I discussed them with team members.

Q. Could you tell me about the ?

A. is a mobile robot that can be driven in all directions. The aim of making the Bairobot 2 is to change unnecessary operations. An electromagnet is used to move the wheels. So the wheel is capable of binding to the desired shape and size. The mechanism of the moving the wheel can be applied to anything, even a car.

Q What did you feel throughout the

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