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Secrets of the student cafeteriaInterview with Kim Hyo-jin, nutritionist

As it is getting colder day by day, the weather often reminds us of a bowl of warm udong and gimbap at meal time. I had an interview with a nutritionist who is in charge of the menu at the student and faculty cafeteria in Bongrim student hall.

Q) Can you briefly introduce yourself?
A) My name is Kim Hyo-jin. I handle everything concerning cooking in the student and faculty cafeteria.
Q) What kind of tasks do you have?
A) I make the menu and I purchase food products and inspect them. I also do sanitary supervision on the facilities for providing meals and try to decrease waste.

Q) What difficulties do you have in planning menus?
A) It is difficult to adjust the unit cost of food products on a limited budget. Also, a conflict always exists in purchasing food products because we run the student and faculty cafeteria in parallel. Students and faculty have different tastes. We also purchase food products every day and use them every day. There are a lot of difficulties in managing ingredients because the number of people is not fixed and is tricky sometimes because of side dishes.

Q) What else do you have to do?
A) The student cafeteria is run as a food court system. So, each ingredient is handled diversely depending on each menu item. That needs a lot of care and makes us very busy. You probably have seen that we are in a hurry. I am glad to say that we make a lot of effort for students.

Q) I know you try to reduce the leftover foods. But it is still high. How do you think about that?
A) Our efforts were effective at first. But, the effect is diminishing as time passes. It is a very acute important because the more the leftover foods increase, the more the students receive disadvantages. Disposing of the leftover foods costs a lot of money. If you don’t leave foods, you will be rewarded with the better menus.

Q) If the menus of student cafeteria consist of the thing that students like, don’t you think the leftover foods will be decreased?
A) We are providing flour based food and Western food other than table d’hôte considering the taste of students. We try to provide table d’hôte like the home cooked meals. If we provide side dishes that students prefer, students will have health problem due to an unbalanced diet. So, we provide side dishes variously.

Q) How do you choose menus?
A) We listen to opinions of students and analyze statistics on which foods students prefer through a computer system. And then, we reflect the results in choosing menus.

Q) Can you lengthen the run time of cafeteria from 6:30 p.m to 7 o'clock p.m?
A) We analyzed statistics on time that students come. The number of students is precious few at the time zone. Besides, if hours of operation are lengthened, the personnel expenses will be increase. Therefore, please excuse us for the way things are right now.
Q) Finally, Say what you want to say.
A) If you have any opinion on our meals, my door’s always open. Thank you.

Jung Hwan-su  yabbi0311@naver.com

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