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What's your opinion about General Students' Association?

What's your opinion about General Students' Association?

The termination of General Students' Association’s office is coming up soon. I asked students chosen at random how they feel about General Students' Association. I state clearly that the students were extracted randomly and these are minority opinions.

Kim Seon-hye (Dept. of Fine Art)

They weren't adequately prepared for this Daedongje. For example, singers that were expected to come were changed suddenly. I also think support funds were distributed unfairly. Also, they didn’t seem to notify students of their activities. I would suggest they inform students of their activities actively and hold more special lectures of well-known people.

Kim Eun-ji (Dept. of Information & Communication Engineering)

They said they would increase the amount of time the Yellow Bus would run and put a new vending machine in the College of Engineering, but the time has actually decreased and the vending machine has not been installed yet. So, I am a little disappointed with those things. On the other hand, activities that provided convenience and consideration such as the installation of a copy machine in Sarim student hall, Women's Day and group purchases of women's specialty items was very good. If the next General Students' Association extends the time of the Yellow Bus and pays more attention to the College of Engineering, I will be very glad.

Kang Tae-hun (Dept. of Mechanical Engineering)

They don’t seem to communicate with the headquarters of CWNU. Also, preparations for Daedongje were very poor. But I think they kept their public pledge. I hope the next General Students' Association can have better communication.

Lee Hwa-gyeong (Dept. of Computer Engineering)

They didn’t fill their role as the organizer of Daedongje. Especially, they didn’t consider the student’s preferences for the invited guests. I liked that they tried to fight for student’s rights such as a suit for the eviction of school supporting dues. And, although they invited a lot of celebrities, I couldn’t attend the special lectures because the lectures were held during the exam period and conflicted with my classes. Therefore, I wish the next General Students' Association to improve upon these things.

Park Na-yeon (Dept. of Special Education)

They were unsatisfactory in dealing with their tasks. Of course that they weren't ready for Daedongje, and I can’t apply for a voluntary service scholarship because they issued certificates for volunteer activities for rural communities too late. I hope the next General Students' Association performs their tasks better.

Lee Hyeonseon (Dept. of German Language & Literature)

The free copier installation deserves to be praised. I think they worked hard to be helpful for students. But they didn’t offer enough follow-up service. There were frequent copier malfunctions. The next General Students' Association has to provide the follow-up service for the machine.

Son Eon-min (Dept. of Journalism & Mass communication)

I think they didn’t notify students of their activities very well. Most students don’t know what they do. I like the transparency in the finances because I can easily see their fiscal reports in Sarim student hall. And, I desire the next General Students' Association to hold various and unusual event that students can participate in as they do now.

Jung Hwan-su  yabbi0311@naver.com

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