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What will you do after midterm exams?

What will you do after midterm exams?

Kim Do-yeon, School of Architecture '10

After exams, I am going to study TOEIC and computer to obtain a license. I will also continue to study for architect authorization, which I put off due to exams.

Ban Su-hyeon, Dept. of Information and Communication Engineering '11

I hope to get an Industrial Engineer Information Processing license related to my major. And I will study English and do exercises that I can’t do during exams. I will also start to make a plan to go on a trip with my friend during vacation.

Kim Min-jeong, Dep. of Economics 11

I will leave on a bicycle trip to Gyeongju! And then I will study TOEIC hard.

Kim Dong-wan, Dept. of International Relations '10

I will get a computer skills certificate and listen to E-ON lectures.

Han Hyejin, Dept. of Chinese Studies '11

I will study Chinese to obtain an HSK license and make preparations for a student exchange program.

Pyo Mina, Dept. of Philosophy '11

I hope to go on a trip to see the fall sea.

Ok Seon-gyeong, Dept. of Industrial Design '10

I will prepare for the upcoming assignment exhibition and contest exhibit. Our assignment exhibition will be very interesting. Come see for yourself!

Lee Ji-min, Dept. of Child and Family '11

I want to drink with my friends and take a trip! Also, I will go to a festival in which two departments interact and play together.

Hwang Ye-eun, School of Architecture '09

I should prepare for a practical test for the Engineer Interior Architecture license, and write my graduation thesis.

Huh Geun-yeong, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering '10

I will just study my major. Major study alone is beyond my capacity.

Lim Won-bin Dept. of Child and Family '11

I should write reports. I have a lot of reports to do. So I don't have enough energy to do other things.

Jung Hwan-su  yabbi0311@naver.com

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