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Reading the Color of a CityInterview with Kim Jae-ho (05), Dept. of Architecture Engineering

Q. Tell us about yourself.

A. I am a student of architecture engineering. I went to some advanced countries in Europe with three other students through the overseas travel program in our university. I was our team leader, and my team members were Jang Yong-sang (‘09), Park Su-jin (‘09), Hong Ji-hye (‘10). Since all of us were from the same department, we could do everything together easily.

Q. What was the purpose of this trip?

A. We wanted to suggest some directions of urban development by visiting several developed countries in Europe and comparing them to our city, Changwon. Recently, Changwon, Masan, and Jinhae were consolidated into Changwon. We intended to find some good ways of growing into a global city by a case study. We also had a chance to experience seeing various structures in foreign countries.

Q. Where did you visit?

A. We selected Denmark as the first country. The reason that we chose that city was Biarke Ingels, who is attracting public attention these days. We visited VM House, which he made. It is an apartment building. It shows a V in the front and an M at the back. The pointed balconies in every apartment are also an impressive point. We saw VM Mountain, 8 House, and so on.

The second country was France, and we were in Paris. We went to the Versailles Palace, the Eiffel Tower, Pompidou Center, the Louvre museum, etc. At the Eiffel Tower, we had a memorable time. It was one boy’s birthday, so his mother sang a song for him in French. Some groups of people from different countries sang for him in their languages. We also sang a song in Korean. I felt that this was a real trip and a world of harmony. Everyone we met during this trip was so friendly.

The last city we visited in Europe was London, England. We went to the British Museum, London Eye, Greenwich Observatory, Trafalgar Square, etc. Every building was so imposing and I was fascinated by this city’s buildings, people, and streets.

Q. After the travel, what is your conclusion?

A. We focused on the environmental city, Changwon. The Nubija Public Bicycle system, several parks, and Changwon City Hall Square are important things, but this city remains crude in some ways. Since Changwon has a short history, it gives feeling of dryness. Also it has no important landmark, which is a significant factor in

forming a city’s image. In other words, it is an incomplete city. However, Changwon has a lot of potential for progress in many aspects.

Our conclusion is to plan cultural facilities surrounding Changwon City Hall Square. If there were various facilities that citizens could use, that place, which is now like a traffic island, will change into a more popular spot for citizens. In this way, our Changwon will be a more global and environmental city as we hoped.

Our travel was a valuable memory for me in many ways. I believe this will help me find a better way to head towards my future.

by Jo Young-in, Reporter

Jo Young-in  youngwon13@naver.com

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