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SKID: Who are they?- Interview with Ji Young-ho (07), Department of Mechanical Design & Manufacturing Engineering

Q. Would you please introduce SKID?

A. SKID was founded in 2000 as our department’s club. Many students who like cars and are full of passion and spirit make up the club. Our club’s purpose is to allow students majoring in mechanical design & manufacturing engineering to apply their learning to a real car making process. Also, various club activities help students understand the knowledge from their major through the experience of producing a vehicle.

SKID is an abbreviation of Superior Kart of Ideal Design. We aim for producing a car with optimum design and detailed analysis to meet high expectations. And we have developed personal professionalism and shared information about the topic of technology, for everyone’s growth. And I am the proud president of SKID.

Q. What kind of prizes did SKID win?

A. Baja SAE KOREA is a significant championship to us. In 2007, we won the prize for mobility. In 2008, we took the comprehensive third place. In 2009, we won the prize for design report. Finally, we won the championship in 2010. Then we won the prize for towing, creativity, and outstanding thesis last year.

Q. What do you think about the relation of club activities to your dream?

A. I used to be a wandering young man, but I found my dream and career in SKID. I can only feel happy while I work with my colleagues in the field. I am able to say that I have already achieved my dream with SKID for almost 3 years. I will continue to do this. To put it concretely, I want to be an engineer who considers the process of production as well as design. In addition, I heard that Hyundai tends to employ some students from car-producing clubs like SKID. They hope to get people who live enthusiastically while doing these things. I am sure that I am that kind of person. I don’t want to miss a chance, so I am going to strive unceasingly.

Q. What is SKID’s future plan?

A. We have an important competition, Baja SAE KOREA, in July. Also we have a plan to attend a championship with a formula car for the first time. Our SKID members are confident in this challenge, but we need financial support. If we are able to get funding, I assure you that we can finish in at least third place in the competition.

SKID has constant new faces who want to use their youth well. Those new faces learn their seniors’ technology, skill, and know-how, and develop more innovative things. That’s why I see the progress of SKID in such a positive way.

Our goal is the first attempt to make a gearbox engine, and our first appearance in a formula car championship this year, my last year as a student. I always have in mind that we are amateurs, so we don’t have to be afraid of trying to win. We should just enjoy our activities, use the process to grow, thank the minor companies that give us priceless help, and be pleased at the products of our efforts.

Jo Young-in  youngwon13@naver.com

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